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13 February 2010

Capital budgeting in a situation with variable utilization of capacity   This working paper examines the implications for capital budgeting, dealing with a situation of changing levels of utilization, an example from the pulp industry; abstract, full text available for download   
Capital budgeting in the downturn: Four disciplines Leading CFOs will use this crisis to get budgeting and planning in their companies better aligned with the new cash driven realities. Outlined here are four disciplines CFOs can quickly execute to improve budgeting for projects in the downturn.  
Doing away with budgets Budgets have increasingly been used as a management performance measure as well as a cost reduction tool and it is in this context that it is being questioned as to the value derived against the effort required. Should organisations be moving away from budgets?   
Forecasting FAQs      
Paying People To Lie: The Truth About The Budgeting Process  This paper analyzes the counterproductive effects associated with using budgets or targets in an organizations' performance measurement and compensation systems.  
Procuring and maintaining information technology: better budgeting techniques Little has been published about current technology budgeting techniques to manage public funds and maintain the infrastructure required for conducting government business. This research identifies ten better practices county budgeting and technology offices are using to plan for, procure, and manage the increasing technology needs across North Carolina counties.   
Providing Deeper Insight Through Better Budgeting and Planning By budgeting and planning more effectively, mid-size companies can recapture the agility they had as a smaller organization and overcome the advantage their larger competitors enjoy.   
Scenario of Corporate Planning and Budgeting in a Rapidly Changing Environment This book chapter covers the evolution of budget planning and control from traditional budgeting to better budgeting and beyond budgeting  



Total Business Budgeting: A Step-by-Step Guide with Forms
by Robert Rachlin
This updated edition gives you the vital budgeting techniques and applications your company needs—from planning and control to implementation. You’ll learn how to analyze outside influences, develop performance targets and budgeting segments, and organize and administer the right budgeting process that can often make the difference between corporate success and failure. Guiding you step by step and using clear, nontechnical language, author Robert Rachlin provides detailed instructions, as well as forms, exhibits, schedules, and formats to help you navigate through the complex details involved when preparing a successful budget.

Process Improvement for Effective Budgeting and Financial Reporting
by Nils H. Rasmussen, Christopher J. Eichorn, Corey S. Barak, Toby Prince
Process Improvement for Effective Budgeting and Financial Reporting provides financial managers with a compelling blueprint for increasing efficiency and eliminating waste of time and energy. Four operational experts lay out an 80/20 plan-improving 800f processes in 200f the time it would take to improve 100%-and explain a Business Process Improvement (BPI) plan

Beyond Budgeting: How Managers Can Break Free from the Annual Performance Trap
by Jeremy Hope, Robin Fraser
Finance experts Jeremy Hope and Robin Fraser reveal the results of an intensive study aimed at fixing the broken budgeting process. They argue that companies must abandon traditional budgeting contracts in favor of a radical new model that links performance measurement to evolving competitive benchmarks-and shifts the firm's focus from controlling employee behavior to delivering customer value. The Beyond Budgeting model is built on the best practices of companies that have successfully revised their centralized planning and budgeting processes.

Finance for Non-Financial Managers
by Gene Siciliano
Finance for NonFinancial Managers helps managers become familiar with essential financial information, showing them how to "speak the language of numbers" and implement financial data in their daily business decisions. In addition, it clarifies how and why financial decisions impact business and operational objectives.

The Essentials Of Finance And Budgeting
by Harvard Business School Press
From reading financial statements to mastering budget forecasts to measuring human capital, this book explains everything readers need to know to make wise financial decisions for the HR department and the organization.




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