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Getting Results Beyond Words
by Liz Tahir
How often have you felt you were communicating clearly, only to find you have sent the wrong message? This can happen because we are concentrating on what we say (verbal) instead of how we are saying it (nonverbal).
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3D Negotiation – Powerful Tools to Change the Game in Your Most Important Deals
by David A. Lax and James K. Sebenius 
Is Chinese really so hard to learn as a second language?
by Lily Chao
Many foreign friends of mine are complaining to me that Chinese is so hard to learn: the ridiculously difficult writing system, the confusing four tones, the extensive system of measure words, so a lot of things to memorize… It seems that I should thank God just for being born Chinese. Is Chinese really that hard to learn as a foreign language?
A brief history and classification of Chinese characters
by Lily Chao
Chinese characters seem the most difficult part for foreign friends to learn the Chinese language. Actually, there really are some connections between Chinese characters, all composed in a defined way. You are unable to discover that probably because the numbers of the characters you know are too limited, or you didn't learn them in the Chinese perspective.
Do You Mind If Someone Screams At You?
by Lora J Adrianse
I thought screaming bosses were buried with management by intimidation. I guess I was wrong!
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The DNA of Top-Achievers
by Chris Widener
The author is thinking about what makes up those who are top achievers. Is there a “DNA” to them? Obviously, all top achievers wouldn’t have the same literal DNA but what about a figurative DNA? Is there a common “gene” that they all have? Are there common “genes” perhaps? Chris Widener thinks so!  If we could get right down to it, he says these are the genes we would find in the DNA of top achievers.
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First, Break All The Rules 'What The World's Greatest Managers Do Differently'
Book Summary by Regine P. Azurin and Yvette Pantilla
Based on a mammoth research study conducted by the Gallup Organization involving 80,000 managers across different industries, this book explores the challenge of many companies - attaining, keeping and measuring employee satisfaction. Discover how great managers attract, hire, focus, and keep their most talented employees!
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How to Work with Just About Anyone A Three-step Solution For Getting Difficult People To Change
Book Summary by Regine P. Azurin and Yvette Pantilla
Every office has that one difficult person to work with, who affects productivity due to a terrible attitude, chronic tardiness, or simply drives everyone else up the wall. Here is the answer to common problems in conflict management. Dealing with negative behavior, whether at work or at home, can be solved with three steps:
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A New Understanding of Career
By Oliver Recklies
Today, companies and employers face new situations in career planning and personal development. Knowledge workers who strive for continuous self-improvement and innovation do not see their personal objective in promotions to ever-higher levels of management. Qualified and motivated people often want to work in their own areas of expertise without using pre-defined career-paths. On the other hand, the number of management positions has decreased due to lean management and flatter hierarchies. Thus, many companies are not able to offer as many management positions as they had in order to satisfy all employees with ambitions for career. This article introduces new elements in the understanding of career.
August 2001
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How to Negotiate Successfully
By Karl Heinz Lorenz
Whether in sales, in consulting, in staff dialogue or when meeting business partners - the ability to manage negotiations and conversations effectively determines your business success. Along with methodical aspects, a sound knowledge of human nature and the ability to develop a feel for the person you are talking to are fundamental.
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