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Articles for Freelance Writers Archive of articles with good advice for freelance writers
Before accepting a Gig 5 Questions to ask yourself
Clients from Hell How to manage difficult clients
Contracts Your contract should help you get paid. Strategies for negotiation the language in your contracts
Cultivating your Client List How to land the work you want
Different Clients - Different Rates? Keep fees flexible to maximize your business
Get Paid Prying money out of delinquent clients -- without breaking thumbs
Get Paid II 7 rules on getting paid
Get Slightly Famous How to publish articles that boost your reputation
Got Stiffed? When to sue
Hack the Media How to get free publicity
Hourly jobs When it makes sense to charge by hour and what to take care for
How do clients take away my rights? How contracts can limit your rights
Legal Guidelines (U.S.) How to qualify as an independent contractor, employer obligations, overtime, copyright law, sales tax
Market Your Services What you need to know and what you need to do
Name your Price How to start getting paid what you're worth
Pricing Examples for prices, focus on design project
Project: You Which projects are worth working on? And how does a series of projects become a career?

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Internet Marketplaces for Freelancers – The Future of Work?
Marketplaces for freelancers and freelance projects are an example of the many new business models on the web. The chances for survival of many B2B marketplaces are discussed controversially today. However, freelancer-marketplaces still have a good image in terms of future prospects. Freelancing is widely seen as the model for work in 21st century. Accordingly, the industry is enthusiastic.   For a more down-to-earth analysis, this article will describe how the business model works. Than we discuss, what these marketplaces really can offer their members – buyers and sellers of services. Finally, we have a look at the future of (freelance) work.

Online Marketplaces for Freelancers - Faults in the Business Model?
Many electronic marketplaces for freelancers and project work have started on the Web during the last years. The business model seemed to be brilliant. However, if you have a closer look at the long list of Internet-based marketplaces for freelancers and project workers, you will find that not all of them make significant business any more.
So why doesn’t this fascinating concept work? As so often, reasons are multiple.


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