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A Blueprint for Bricks to Clicks Before you start slapping pieces together to implement e-commerce strategies, make sure you apply sound business practices coupled with the best practices that have emerged from the e-commerce gold rush.
Adding Clicks To Bricks Designing an Internet strategy? Concentrate on the process opportunities and cultural challenges
Bricks & Mortar Retailers Winning on the Net: Can Bricks-and-Mortar Retailers Succeed on the Internet?; article by Joseph Davis and Steven Gunby
Channel Conflicts Fighting Fire with Water - from Channel Conflict to Confluence, abstract of an article by Darrell Rigby, Michael O'Sullivan, Randall Hancock, full text available as PDF file
Channel Conflicts About some things you would not think you can get them on the web
E-Business: The New Management Challenge Traditional business thinking can be an obstacle to success in cyberspace. (Winter 2000)
E-venge of the incumbents? A "clicks and mortar" approach, which blends the digital and physical elements of business, seems destined to win in many markets of the emerging Internet economy. While this gives traditional "bricks and mortar" firms significant advantages as they move online, they can only succeed if they address the essential elements of a hybrid model.
From Bricks to Clicks The 4 stages of e-volution; By Jill Albrinck, Gil Irwin, Gary Neilson, Dianna Sasina
How digital is your Company? Forget about the e-hype. Going digital -- converting from atoms to bits -- gives your company a competitive edge, but only if you focus on the basics: money, talent, customers, and time; by Adrian Slywotzky
How to Lay the Foundation To launch a successful e-commerce initiative, you have to first draw a blueprint, then lay the foundation, and then build the structure. Sound business planning and a strong management team can help you navigate the online path to profitability.
Incumbents versus New Entrants Both Face Challenges in the eEconomy
Redefining Procurement through E-Commerce This paper introduces a new B2B procurement model that relies on eCommerce and electronic markets to compress cycle times, reduce non-value added roles, increase the information flow and generally lubricate the supply chain. This model is contrasted with today's "best practices".
Retailers and Internet Technology Bringing online technology to the physical storefront. The challenge facing retailers today is integrating the advantages of online technology with those of a physical storefront presence. Pdf-file
To E or not to E A Retailer's Dilemma. Discusses some of the obstacles faced by many brick-and-mortar retailers as they attempt to develop an e-strategy




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