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A Taxonomy of Internet Commerce This paper attempts to clarify terminology discussing the interface between commerce and the Internet. It is also an empirically derived classification system or taxonomy of existing Internet business models. This taxonomy has two main branches - transplanted real-world business models and native Internet business models. The latter part of the paper discusses the role of business, governments, regulation and ideology in the development of I-Commerce and makes some cautious speculations regarding its future. Top
A Framework for analyzing B2B E-Commerce This article introduces a framework that is helpful in thinking about B2B. The authors discuss the implications of this framework for start-ups and companies thinking about their B2B strategies; pdf file 19 K
Building the B2B Foundation A paper detailing the best strategies to position net markets makers for success. Summary, pdf file for download available
Content in Search of Profits Most news and information sites can't seem to find the magic formula for making money. The few relative success stories offer clues Gaby Wiegran and Hardy Koth say that in the Internet age, unparalleled opportunities to customize through customer communication, product or service design and pricing open up.
Disintermediation, reintermediation, or cybermediation? The future of intermediaries in electronic marketplaces; pdf file TOP
Donít Re-invent Business Models for P2P Walid Mougayar that P2P will prosper when focused on existing business models and the demands they already have. Here, P2P is seen as a method for implementing technical and business architectures to solve problems. Rather than searching for a new business model, the suggestion is to apply P2P to existing needs.
E-Business: What's the Model? While the Internet clock ticks, many companies still struggle to find the best strategy
Electronic Collaboration on the Internet and Intranets How Major Corporations are Leveraging IP Networks for Competitive Advantage, whitepaper
E-Pricing How Product Pricing is Changing the Digital Marketplace. A paper addressing the way the Internet is redefining relationships between competitive advantage and market power. Summary of an AT Kearney publication, pdf file for download available
Financial Portals: Customers Count Internet portals seek to involve customers more effectively in the business process. The question is: Does the service provider follow the customer's processes or vice versa? A view from Switzerland. Pdf-file 88 KB
Hidden Opportunities in B2B Competitive logic of E-commerce, exploiting richness; article by George Stalk, Jr. and Robert Trudeau
Intermediaries and Cybermediaries: A Continuing Role for Mediating Players in the Electronic Marketplace. Discusses the elimination of intermediaries and the new role of cybermediaries Top
Let's get Vertical The great untold story of online commerce is that business-to-business sales. By Mohanbir Sawhney and Steven Kaplan
Myths and Realities of On-Line Retailing Article by David Pecaut
Netsourcing Business Models The Evolution of Netsourcing Business Models - Learning from the Past and exploiting Future Opportunities. Pdf-file
New Forms of Intermediation in E-Commerce Shopbots, Powershopping, Powersales: This paper provides a detailed overview of different new forms of cybermediation and illustrates their influence on consumer choice, firm pricing and product differentiation strategies. Pdf-file
Online Auctions This article examines C2C online auctions and the tools and services that have sprung up around them.
Peer-to-peer More than just downloading music
Portals Great introduction in FAQ format; focus on governments
Product or Service? Internet Infrastructure's Battling Business Model; Akamai Technology and the Inktomi Corporation both speed Web pages from servers to desktops. But to chase earnings, they've taken different routes. Can both lead to riches? By Lawrence M. Fisher
Products vs. Services:  Which is the Better Business Model, in Software and other Industries? This article focuses on a common debate among entrepreneurs and managers, in software and other businesses: Do you want to be a services company or a products company? Pdf-file  
Profitability on the Web Business Models and Revenue Streams. Pdf-file
Shakeouts in Digital Markets pdf-file
Solutions Examples of E-Commerce solutions
Sometimes Free is the Only Way Free services are disappearing off the Internet so fast, it seems, that soon even casual surfers will have to pay for everything. Has the pendulum swung too far?
The Internet Intermediary Gateway to Internet Commerce Opportunities; article by Don Chrusciel
The Truth about Internet Business Models In the end, an e-business is just another business, says Jeffrey F. Rayport Top



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