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20 Lessons Learned About E-Government in Canada
Accessibility & Usability for e-Government This whitepaper discusses accessibility of public sector websites
At the Dawn of e-Government: The Citizen as Customer. E-Government impacts every aspect of a government organization, from workflow to technology to staffing. Deloitte Research explores the emergence of online government services. Pdf file
E-Democracy: The Lowdown on E-Voting Recent elections have highlighted flaws in U.S. voting procedures and prompted a push to apply IT to the casting and counting of votes. Critics worry we're going from bad to worse in adopting the new technology without working out all the bugs. We explore the challenges and what it will take to fix them. June 2004
E-Government Benchmarking This whitepaper aims to benchmark demand for E-Government services and applications. Pdf file
eGovernment Leadership - Realizing the Vision Research report from Accenture, 2002, pdf-file
E-Government: from Real to Virtual Democracy pdf-file. April 2003
Enterprise Transformation for e-Government This report examines the critical link between portals and enterprise transformation and provides realistic scenarios of how governments could look and operate in the future. Pdf file
Governing with e-speed Five-step plan paved the way for Federal Highway Administration's e- government move. March 2001
Impact on Responsible Leadership The benefits of e-Government are clearly evident. Getting there, however, is a challenge. Pdf-file
Implementing eGovernment - Rhetoric or Reality But is the rhetoric of online government matched by reality? How long is it taking governments to achieve their vision? What areas of Government service are already online and how far do governments have to go to realize the potential of eGovernment?
International Comparisons This page sets out the ongoing work of the Office of the e-Envoy in measuring how the UK Government compares to other countries in the development of e-government services.
Managing the Public Sector - Global Challenges," Governments worldwide focusing on "e-government" technologies while redefining future roles, KPMG survey finds. (May 2000)
Strategic Framework for governments in the information age
The Auction Model How the Public Sector Can Leverage the Power of E-Commerce through Dynamic Pricing. This report explores the vast potential that online auctions presents for policy-makers and executives at all levels of government. Pdf file
The Role of Government in a Digital Age This study authored by three leading U.S. economists finds that outdated government rules and guidelines have provided an ambiguous environment in which some federal agencies develop highly beneficial Internet initiatives, while others create ventures that encroach dangerously on businesses already served by private enterprise. (October 2000)
UK Online Strategy A strategic framework for public services in the Information Age
USA - Inventory of Electronic Government Initiatives




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