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Directory - News News and headlines on M-Commerce
A wireless world awaits Moves that mobilize e-business
Acronyms of Broadband Wireless
An Evolution and A Revolution What impact will mobile commerce have on retailers, manufacturers and consumers and how can they take advantage of this new distribution channel? How will the "m-commerce revolution" change companies' go to market strategies and consumer relationships? Who is operating in this space today and what challenges and opportunities are they facing?
Analysts see wireless e-tail adoption hurdles Despite major online companies rushing to embrace wireless technology, the intersection of e-business and wireless services is still largely under construction. (June 2000)
Becoming a trust brand in the mobile commerce value chain Becoming a major player in the mobile space will take more than being a household name. Pertti Lounamaa describes the key qualities and strategies future trust brands will need to acquire and adopt.
Beyond the Wireless Bubble Kenny Hirschhorn is betting that he knows what's next for wireless access to the Internet.
Consumer holds key to m-commerce success This article discusses why business models will have to change in order to make m-commerce a success.
Creating the New World Wireless Operator Mobile Internet - “Any place, any time, everything”. White paper by KPMG
Critical Success Factors For Wireless Application Service Providers. Pdf file
Do Consumers Want Location Services? August 2000
From e-business to m-business Will the World Become a Mobile Village? Pdf-file
Get Ready for M-Commerce Wireless technology could have a huge impact on businesses' supply chains and the way they interact with their customers.
Interactivity Key to Wireless Ads Consumers are all for wireless advertising -- so long as the  ads are interactive and the consumers believe the ads provide a useful service, according to a study by SkyGo, Inc. March 2001
Is the WAP-Window Closing? WAP sounds great, but will it be enough when mobile terminals can access data faster than today's PC's and match their display performance? Pdf-file
Is Wireless E-commerce Right for You? Some things to consider
Location Services – Value is Name of the Game Expectations that mobile location services could be a "killer application" are unlikely to be realized, according to a report from Analysys, a telecoms and new media research firm. February 2001
Making Sense Of The Wireless Web This article will assess the global infrastructure and identify the five most important issues that confront the business executive who is pondering a wireless strategy (September 2000)
Market Segmentation for Mobile Internet This paper examines segmentation along: Lifestyle Applications; Segment Applications; and  Mobile Professional Applications.
Mastering the Mobile Internet What will the killer applications be? And who will make the killing?
M-Business: Really Getting Intimate with Consumer or Information Overload? pdf-file 125 KB
M-Commerce Information Accenture's m-commerce homepage, information and figures on m-commerce
mCommerce Paper As 3G approaches, mobile devices are becoming personal, trusted, life management and communication tools for both work and leisure. The convergence of mobility and Internet is moving at a tremendous speed, bringing with it new services, better applications, richer content and continuous connection capabilities.
M-Commerce: Revolution + Inertia = Evolution M-commerce has led to expectations of revolutionary changes in business and markets. Similar to developments in the past, however, the radical impacts will probably be limited, while many times m-commerce will lead to more gradual changes. Furhtermore, significant stumbling blocks will slow the rate of change. pdf-file
M-Customer Segmentation: Preparing for the mobile Internet wave. ADL says that a future mobile Internet segmentation will be obtained by shifting from a classical customer segmentation to a needs-based approach. Pdf file
Mobile Commerce Paper Definition of and introduction to M-Commerce, techologies behind M-Commerce, drivers and barriers
Mobile Divices An evolution and a revolution. When complete, this technology will impact numerous facets of everyday life for just about everyone. Pdf-file 126 KB
Mobile is Moving How can your business take advantage of the move to mobile? Cap Gemini Ernst & Young suggests 10 key rules of the new mobile road worth remembering
Mobile Phone Users Survey The results of A.T. Kearney's second survey of mobile phone users show customers have not come to the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) mobile web service marketplace.
Mobile Professionals Wireless Email is just the beginning. March 2001
Mobile Technology Leading to New Era of M-Business Executive summary of a PwC study. It finds that mobile technologies will offer numerous opportunities, from enhanced customer service to mobile workforces.
Mobilising innovation towards an m-society VESTA Group describes how its investment in the technological infrastructure of m-commerce will drive the trend towards an ‘m-society’.
Nothing Simple about Mobile Commerce For those who launch data-intensive applications, the sorest of sore spots for users are the low data rates in the United States (January 2001)
Payment systems in a mobile/virtual world Andrew Bevan examines the different payment methods that could be utilised as m-commerce becomes more widely accepted.
Payments in Mobile Commerce A whitepaper on the payment process, payment methods and various aspects of payments in mobile commerce. Pdf file
Pocket Internet and M-Commerce (How) will it fly? February 2001. Pdf-file
Position-Dependent Services Using Metadata Profile Matching In this paper, we describe a general metadata-based system for context-based information exchange and adaptation. We describe how this can be applied to match the user's position at the time of the request to the area for which the content author has declared the document to be of interest.
Really getting intimate with customers ... ... or information overload? This article attempts to give some answers to questions about wireless Internet applications in the consumer industry. Pdf file
Regulatory and Commercial Legal Issues As industries in the spere of m-commerce proliferate and grow, new legal and commercial issues will need to be addressed. Pdf-file 44 KB
Reversing the Decline in Average Revenue per User Mobile Commerce has the potential to halt the unrelenting decline in Average Revenue Per User for mobile telecoms operators. David McGrath, principal consultant of KPMG's ICE group in the UK, explains why.
Riding the Wireless Wave Is your company ready to cut the cord and go wireless? While it’s not the answer to every business communications need, wireless can be a very smart choice for key applications that demand instant information.
Strategic Implications for Banks This article attempts to clarify what banks are currently doing, what opportunities and risks exist, and what should be done to extract maximum value from the M-Commerce market. Pdf file
Survey How users ranked their usage, purchase incentives and perceptions when it came to cellular phones or personal digital assistants
The M-Commerce Rainbow As mobile operators wake up to new financial opportunities, existing financial institutions are struggeling to adapt and conquer the mobile space. The authors look at who will win on this newly-contested banking battleground and the strategies they might employ. pdf-file 41 KB
The value of mobile business in Europe A report by Arthur Andersen and J.P. Morgan challenges previous estimates of the future value of mobile business in western Europe.
Turning promise into reality The convergence of mobile Internet with smartcard technology creates a huge opportunity for m-commerce: it allows Europe’s mobile telcos to challenge financial services providers on their traditional home-ground – payments, argues Chris Gentle.
Understanding the Emerging Mobile Commerce Marketplace ADL's hypothesis of the structure of the marketplace in 2005; pdf file,
WAP, m-Commerce and security This paper discusses some of the dangers and hazards of m-commerce and gives a timely insight into what is necessary in ensuring customer confidence. Pdf-file 76 KB
Wireless Marketing Is About Location, Location, Location While the Internet may promise the highest level of personalization, it's wireless technology, and specifically a broad range of wireless location services and techniques, that will deliver personalization and bring wireless users closer to anytime, anywhere content delivery. September 2000
Wireless Revolution in Manufacturing Not only is it adding process efficiencies for manufacturers, wireless technology is changing product concepts.
Wireless: The Next Battle In Privacy March 2001



M-Commerce - The Next Hype? 
It looks as if the term M-Commerce and the business models behind become the next great hype in the digital economy. At the moment, however, it is not clear, where the story will end. Suppliers of M-Commerce Solutions, content providers and suppliers of hardware (mobile phones) predict (again) a great future for this concept – with great new services for the customers and great business for themselves. This article attempts to find a realistic view on future prospects.


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