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IMPORTANT NOTICE: The materials included in this Web Site are intended for general information purposes only and are not intended to provide, and do not constitute, legal advice. Persons who need legal services should contact a duly licensed professional.

Some pieces of information on this site may be outdated. However, these are the papers that are still available on the web. Maybe, you will find them interesting in a historic context.


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Anonymity and Privacy Provides information on how to be anonymous on the Internet
Architecture is Policy Case Study: Cooperative development as a means for a standards-based Implementation for Privacy on the Internet
Consumer&Business Education FTC publications that address the collection of personal information, online activities, and other consumer protection issues
Data Protection: It Isn't Working The European Commission is currently undertaking its three-yearly review of the data protection directive. Why are many interested parties pushing for key changes to the law? Because the activities that data protection laws were designed to protect continue, seemingly unchecked. pdf-file 51 KB. 2002
E-Privacy Solutions Bridging the B2C divide - E-privacy issues among European consumers. Pdf-file
Federal Trade Commission Online privacy reports to Congress, Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule, Online Profiling, Online Privacy Cases
Glossary A glossary of digital privacy terms.
Identity Theft U.S. government's central website for information about identity theft, how to minimize your risk, victim assistance, laws, cases & scams and more TOP
Network and Information Security Domestic and International Initiatives to Combat Cybercrime. Pdf-file 68 KB. January 2003
Network Security and Password Policies Passwords are the most common authentication for accessing computer systems, files, data, and networks. But are they really secure? Most of us use them every day, change them frequently, and perhaps even see them posted in plain view on employee monitors. 2004
No Advertising, Please The flood of annoying e-mail advertisements continues to grow steadily around the world. The problem involves more than costs for companies. Spam and dealing with it can also have juridical consequents. More and more companies are counting on antispam solutions. 2004
Online Guide to Practical Privacy Tools This list merely serves as a sampling of available privacy-enhancing tools
Privacy Practices build trust Privacy Practices Help Build Trust, Get and Retain Web Customers; article by Dave Steer A consumer information organization focusing on all aspects of personal privacy
Privacy/data protection regulators around the world
Privacy: Basing service on respect Personal data needs to be accurate, secure and collected and shared with a sensitivity to individual preferences. Privacy specification and protections, including "de-identification" of data, should be built into information systems from the ground up. pdf-file online global resource for privacy and data protection laws, practices, issues, trends and developments worldwide TOP
Report to Congress Privacy online. A report to Congress. Federal Trade Commission, June 1998
Security Papers These papers are a result of the Honeynet Project. They discuss the tools, tactics, and motives of the blackhat (hacker) community. TOP
The Business of Privacy Managing Privacy Issues Rationally, Proactively and Sensitively. It's a challenge most companies face: providing innovative services that use sensitive information in a manner that inspires and ensures customer confidence and trust.
The Case for Strong User Authentication This whitepaper describes authentication types, problems, surrounding business controls and methods, the difference between authentication and strong user authentication, why strong user authentication is needed, and ways to use strong user authentication. pdf-file
The Great CNET Spam-Off CNET reveals the riskiest e-mail behaviors on the Net: Check out our spam statistics and read on to see which online activities put you at more risk than walking on the train tracks at night. We won't leave you hanging either; we've tested some opt-out options and reported back on whether they actually work. TOP
The Rights (And Wrongs) of Online Privacy What you don't know about your online rights may hurt you--and your company.
The Top Five Privacy Issues In A Mobile World "The Secure Solution" recently interviewed Ruth V. Nelson, Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers, regarding the continuing concern of privacy issues with wireless communications devices and services.
Three Things You Don't Want to Know About Your Personal Information Maybe it's time to start reading those long, boring and deliberately confusing privacy policies after all. 2003
Trust in Cyberspace Full text version of the book (1999)

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Digital Defense: What You Should Know About Protecting Your Company's Assets
by Thomas J. Parenty
Security is a critical concern for every company, organization, and institution, regardless of their size or activity. In this timely book, leading security and privacy expert Thomas J. Parenty demystifies computer and network security for non-technical managers-taking them beyond hackers, firewalls, and virus protection to outline a holistic approach to information security that promotes business growth.



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