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Some pieces of information on this site may be outdated. However, these are the papers that are still available on the web. Maybe, you will find them interesting in a historic context.


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2003 E-Mail Rules, Policies and Practices Survey By American Management Association. Pdf-file  
Blog Search We present an analysis of a large blog search engine query log, exploring a number of angles such as query intent, query topics, and user sessions. Our results show that blog searches have di erent intents than general web searches, suggesting that the primary targets of blog searchers are tracking references to named entities, and locating blogs by theme. pdf-file. 2006  
Dead Search Engines Where did all the popular search engines from the earlier days of the Internet go? This article traces some of them. (May 2002)  
E-Metrics Archive of metrics, searchable by category  
Forecasting the Revenues of Internet Firms This paper examines the roles played by analysts, past revenues, and web usage data in the forecasting of future revenues. By Brett Trueman, M.H. Franco Wong, Xiao-Jun Zhang, pdf file 608 K. April 2000  
Global Information Security Survey 2004 The 2004 Ernst & Young Global Information Security Survey, which polled 1,233 organizations in 51 countries. Pdf-file 1.46 MB  
Hackers: Know Your Enemy  Statistics - Analyzing the past ... predicting the future. Over the past several years, the Honeynet Project has been collecting and archiving information on blackhat activity. This raw data has the potential for great value. We decided to share this data with the security community and demonstrate its value. July 2001  
How many Online? An estimate how many people are online throughout the world  
Mobinet Index 2004 The Mobinet Index, which has been conducted regularly since June 2000, examines trends in mobile data and mobile internet usage. This unique research project was initiated between global management consultant A.T. Kearney and Cambridge Business School - the Judge Institute of Management. pdf-file  
Nua Internet Surveys Lots of information on Internet demographics and Trends  
Search Engine User Behavior Study The objective of this survey was to better understand how users behave when presented with search engine results after performing a search. pdf-file. 2006  
The Future of IT - What's in Store for Today and Tomorrow? The January 2004 CIO Insight study suggests a renewed focus on revenue-producing strategies in the midst of continuing efforts to rein in costs. Five years from now? The emergence of the flexible, real-time enterprise in an environment of ongoing risk. pdf-file  
The Future of Software Two scenarios for the year 2010: 'A Land Where Giants Rule' and 'Open Source Slays Goliath'. January 2004  
The Future of the Internet Vinton Cerf discusses his role in the creation of one of humanity's greatest technologies and talks about what's next for the information age. 2006  
Transactions In A Cashless Society Information technology will blur the boundaries between well-formed and discrete concepts, entities, or states of being in the future because of the porous nature of "being digital." MIT's Nicholas Negroponte focuses on the concept of money, and how business transactions will change over the next 25 years. 2004  
Trends in E-Commerce Trends for: sizing the E-Commerce market, types of E-Commerce, applications. 1999  



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