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"Non-Informational" Services The rise of information technologies in "non-informational" services. Pdf-file  
Aggregation and Disaggregation of Information Goods Implications for Bundling, Site Licensing and Micropayment Systems  
An optimal pricing mechanism for Internet's End-Users  Thesis on Internet economics. Pdf-file  
Bundling and Competition on the Internet Aggregation Strategies for Information Goods. Pdf-file 200 K  
Bundling Information Goods Pricing, Profits and Efficiency. Pdf-file 240 K  
Competition Policy in the Information Economy This paper explores the implication of the shift towards an information economy for the 3 traditional branches of competition policy: merges, inter-firm cooperation/collusion and unilateral conduct by dominant firms. Paper from Carl Shapiro, August 1999. pdf-file  
Economics of networks Collection of information on economic issues of networks, such as the telephone and fax communications networks, the internet, financial exchange and credit card networks, "virtual networks" etc., by Nicholas Economides, Stern School of Business  
Economics of Trust in Issues of Identity, Privacy and Security. pdf-file 2003  
Enterprise in the Information Age A chapter from the book Business Networking - Shaping Enterprise Relationships on the Internet: Challange on the Information Age, Imperatives on Business in the Information Age, Seven Trends. pdf-file  
Exclusivity in Network Industries     
How Important Will the Information Economy Be? Some simple analytics. Paper by J. Bradford DeLong and Lawrence H Summers from August 2001. Pdf-file  
How much information? A research project by Peter Lyman and Hal R. Varian; This study is an attempt to measure how much information is produced in the world each year. It looks at several media and estimate yearly production, accumulated stock, rates of growth, and other variables of interest. TOP
Information economy Collection of links, partly commented, on economics of the internet, information goods, intellectual property and related issues, compiled by Hal Varian  
Information Economy Report 2005 This Information Economy Report 2005 is being published by the UNCTAD. The Report highlights the extent to which developing countries are striving to close the gap that separates the “information haves and have-nots”. pdf-file  
Measurement and Management Revisiting the productivity paradox of information technology. Pdf-file  
Monitoring the Information Economy Management Summary - The German Information Economy Benchmarked Internationally
Fig. I. pdf-file. 2003
National Library’s Role in Information Economy Once more libraries, in particular, national libraries are facing the problem of defining their role in the modern society to forecast necessary actions for sustainable development. pdf-file 2006  
Pricing of Services on The Internet  The authors, Gupta, A., D.O. Stahl & A.B. Whinston, have developed a priority pricing mechanism based on General Equilibrium theory in economics, and we use a measure based on the collective benefits obtained by the users to evaluate the performance of the system.   
Shared Information Goods Once purchased, information goods are often shared among groups of consumers. This paper asks whether these various forms of sharing undermine seller profit. Pdf-file 119 K  
The Digital Technology Boomerang New Intellectual Property Rights Threaten Global "Open Science"; Abstract, pdf download version available  
The Economics of Network Management Why are pricing issues the key to infrastructure investment and further growth of the Internet? Pdf-file  
The Role of Geography in the Information Economy The case of multimedia. Pdf-file  



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