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27 December 2006

Abusive Earnings Management and Early Warning Signs Over the last three years, the SEC has uncovered earnings management practices that have pushed the boundaries of GAAP to the point of fraud. The distinction between good business practices and abusive earnings management can appear all too fuzzy.   
Accountigweb British Accounting Portal  
Accounting Glossary    
Accounting is Broken - Here’s How to Fix It A radical maifesto by Stern Stewart Research. Pdf-file 2002  
Calculating the Economic Value of Customers to an Organisation Three case studies from Australasian service organisations explore the economic value of customers to an organisation (EVCO). Pdf-file 2002  
Cash Flow and Asset Based Interest Calculation in Cost Accounting The analysis of interest calculation in cost accounting is an example for the application of investment theory to cost accounting. It shows that it is useful to connect cost accounting with investment and finance theory. pdf-file  
Country-Specific Factors ... ... Related to Financial Reporting and the Value Relevance of Accounting Data; working paper by Ashiq Ali and Lee-Seok Hwang  
Depreciation Matters Calculating depreciation of assets should be simple, but the IRS casts a foreboding shadow that obscures the picture. Some basic guidelines can help to balance economic and tax considerations.  
Fundamental to the Subject  Dr Philip E Dunn of the Esk Valley Business School outlines the fundamental principles which underpin standard accounting practices and concepts.   
Future and Present Value of Money  This note explains briefly two concepts concerning the time-value-of-money, namely future and present value  
Internal Rate of Return (IRR)  Explains the concept and the related formulas  
Interpreting Sustainability  Geoffrey M. Heal reviews concepts related to sustainability. This provides a basis for formalizing the concept and operationalizing it via shadow prices and associated accounting practices.    
Keeping accounts up to standard  Dr Philip E Dunn of the Esk Valley Business School looks at the development of accounting standards and the setting process.  
Managing Earnings or Cooking the Books? How firms make the numbers with creative accounting  
Total Cost Management Total Cost Management for Competitiveness. Pdf-file  
Variations in National Management Accounting Approaches Based on studies in 23 countries, this paper identifies five distinct aspects of national management accounting, and seven significant implications of the manager operating in the multinational environment. By Oriol Amat, John Blake and Ester Oliveras  
Professional Bodies & Accounting Organizations
Accounting Standards Board (British)
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants 
Association of Accounting Technicians 
Association of Chartered Accountants in the US 
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants 
Association of International Accountants 
Auditing Practices Board (British)
British Accounting Organization
Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (UK)
European Court of Auditors 
Financial Reporting Council (British)
Institute of Financial Accountants (UK)
Institute of Internal Auditors-UK 
Institute of Management Accountants
International Federation of Accountants 
The Financial Reporting Review Panel (British)
The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales
The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland 
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland 
US General Accounting Office




by Carl S. Warren, James M. Reeve, Philip E. Fess
The most successful higher education text of all time keeps getting better. The authors adapt their proven approach to accounting's evolving role in business and use the preparation of financial statements as the framework for understanding what accounting is all about. Accounting provides a solid foundation of accounting concepts with unique features to show how users can use accounting to understand business.

Fundamental Accounting Principles w/2003 Krispy Kreme AR, TTCD, NetTutor, OLC w/PW
by Kermit D. Larson, John J Wild, Barbara Chiappetta
Comprehensively revised, Fundamental Accounting Principles uses the 2003 annual report of Krispy Kreme to help make accounting concepts and precepts both interesting and understandable. NetTutor provides you with live, personalized assistance via the Internet, while the accompanying Topic Tackler CD features video clips, slide shows, and more for two key topics within each chapter.

Practical Lean Accounting: A Proven System for Measuring and Managing the Lean Enterprise
by Brian H. Maskell, Bruce Baggaley
In Practical Lean Accounting: A Proven System for Measuring and Managing the Lean Enterprise, authors Brian Maskell and Bruce Baggaley present a step-by-step method for transforming a manufacturing company's financial functions to support lean manufacturing. This step-by-step method transforms the accounting system to follow the company's pathway through lean implementation covering what needs to be done at each stage to support lean.




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