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27 December 2006

Balance Sheet Definitions Glossary of terms
Calculating Cash Flow Ratios The cash flow statement, which is often overlooked in favor of the balance sheet and income statement, is the optimum resource for testing a company's liquidity.
Company Annual Reports Online (CAROL) Free online annual reports for Europe, America and Asia TOP
Consolidated Balance Sheet How to read it, what its elements are and how to use it to invest intelligently is the theme of this article.
DuPont Model
Even Without Fraud, Financial Statements Can Be Misleading
Financial Ratios Variety of information and worksheets to help you to understand the key financial ratios that you will need to interpret company accounts
Report Gallery Claims to be the most complete and up-to-date listing of Annual Reports and related financial reports online today TOP
The Altman Z-Score In the early 60's Edward Altman, using Multiple Discriminant Analysis combined a set of 5 financial ratios to come up with the Altman Z-Score. This score uses statistical techniques to predict a company's probability of failure using 8 variables from a company's financial statements
The Basics of Fundamental Analysis TSC has developed a five-day series on the how-to of fundamental analysis: what it is, how to read a balance sheet, and how to read an income statement.



Analysis of Financial Statements
by Leopold A. Bernstein, John J. Wild
This book gives you every practical, up-to-date method for making the data in financial statements clear and meaningful. You get analytical tools that range from computation of ratio and cash flow measures to earnings prediction and valuation as you learn how to reconstruct the economic reality embedded in financial statements
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Financial Statement Analysis: A Practitioner's Guide, 3rd Edition
by Martin Fridson, Fernando Alvarez, Martin S. Fridson
Fridson and Alvarez do not merely describe and deplore opaque financial reporting practices. They document a number of cases in which analysts successfully anticipated stock and bond price shocks, using financial ratios and publicly available information from outside the statements. The authors also provide practical advice on making financial projections.
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Analysis for Financial Management + S&P subscription card
by Robert C. Higgins
Analysis for Financial Management is a paperback text and has been written to present standard techniques and modern developments in a practical and intuitive manner. It is intended for non-financial managers and business students interested in the practice of financial management. Emphasis is on the managerial applications of financial analysis.
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Financial Analysis with Microsoft Excel
by Timothy R. Mayes, Todd M. Shank
This book explores the use of Excel as THE calculating tool for finance professionals. The book as it stands covers the main topics that students would see in a typical corporate finance course: financial statements, budgets, TVM, capital budgeting, the Market Security Line, some options materials, pro forma statements, cost of capital, equities, and debt. In the final chapter of this revision, the authors include a section on how students can build their own models (or macros) to perform everyday financial analyses.
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