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27 December 2006

Can Synthetic Debt Give Authentic Savings? Corporate treasurers have been hearing a lot of pitches for esoteric debt instruments like putable/callable reset bonds. While they may seem alluring in the short term, they can leave a bad aftertaste.
Capital Cash Flows Capital Cash Flows: A simple Approach to valuing risky Cash Flows, by Richard S. Ruback
Capital Structure and Payout Policies Scientific article about dividends, dividend policy and capital structure
Changing Patterns of Business Financing The Changing Role of Debt, New Financing Opportunities for Small Business, Innovation in the Investment Banking Industry, New Sources of Short-Term Capital, Improvements in Working Capital Management, The Changing Role of Bank Credit, A Study of Bank Debt 
Corporate Hedging What, Why and How? This paper explores the rationale for corporate risk management. Pdf file
Financial Shared Services: Balancing Precision and Simplicity Keeping it simple and straightforward pays dividends when developing pricing and chargebacks in Shared Services. If not, we easily fall into the accuracy trap, a black hole that quickly becomes complex and consumes substantial management resources. pdf-file
Firm Value Taxes, Financing Decisions and Firm Value, by Eugene F. Fama and Kenneth R. French
Internalizing Your Way to Benchmarks and Best Practices Internal benchmarking offers unique opportunities to shared services functions, without the drawbacks associated with external benchmarks. With internal benchmarking, departments can improve their processes and develop best practices through the use of internal data only. pdf-file
Leveraging E-Business Opportunities for Finance How CFOs and IT can join forces to create Value. Pdf-file 976 KB
Strategic cost management  An alternative to across-the-board cost-cutting. Pdf-file 200 KB


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