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The articles and papers linked on this site cover various aspects of the management of expatriates. Some of them are

- best practices
- success factors
- problems and barriers for success
- female expatriates



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3 April 2013

European female expatriate careers: critical success factors The particular focus of this paper is female expatriates in Europe, which is a relatively unresearched area. A total of 50 female senior expatriate managers were interviewed, representing a wide range of industry and service sectors.  new
Expatriate Management within a context of Best Practice in the Africa division of a Multinational Bank Human resource professionals in international firms are faced with the pressing issues of selection, preparation, communication whilst offshore and repatriation while still managing the careers of international employees. This study presents the results of research which ascertains the importance of these four aspects in contributing to the success of expatriate assignments.  new
Expatriate Return on Investment In spite of the costs, a recent industry survey indicated that it is possible long term international assignments provide little return on investment.   
Factors of Success of Female Expatriates During International Assignments The aim of this bachelor's thesis was to study what the factors of success of female expatriates are during international assignments. Also, the objective was to find out how companies could support and enhance these factors in the future and what kind of barriers of success there exist for female expatriates. new
Female Expatriate Managers – Why so Few? Dual-Perspective Case Studies of Three Swedish MNCs. Masters Thesis. The purpose of this study is to gain a deeper understanding of the reasons behind the low ratio of women among expatriate managers of Swedish multinational corporations.  new
Keys to Expatriate Success: A Toolkit for Diversity Management Nurturing expatriates’ cross cultural capabilities plays a crucial role in the success of international business operations in host environments that are often vastly different to those of the home country. The Business Model outlined five key steps to expatriate success.  new
Managing Global Operations: Focus on Expatriates While globalization and the demand for workers willing to take on foreign assignments increases, U.S. companies are struggling with both financial and demographic trends that challenge their ability to manage this workforce.   
What constitute the success or failure of expatriates? An exploratory study.  Expatriate failure rates are still high enough to justify attention for further study. What are the factors which often lead to difficulties or failure of an expatriate on overseas assignee? This paper will examine a balanced approach on what constitutes the success or failure of expatriate managers or employees.  new



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