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Accepting Feedback-Altering Behavior The Achilles Heel of Human Development. Pdf-file  
Assertive Performance Feedback The opportunity to help others improve their performance arises frequently for individuals at all organizational levels. When these situations call for confronting poor performance, however, those in the position to give potential feedback often lack a clear, concise, and professional way to communicate. This challenge confronts virtually everyone—CEO’s and independent contributors alike.  
Benchmarking the Performance of Human Resource Management This article focuses on the performance measures in the field of HRM. Alternative HRM performance measurement tools are discussed including the non-popular benchmarking approach. Pdf-file 1994  
Career Development There are ways to make feedback a less touchy workplace subject, according to Myra Strober and Jay Jackman.  
Defining Performance in a Performance Management System Performance management can be divided into four key areas: defining performance, training and developing performance, creating review systems to measure performance, and reinforcing and rewarding performance.  
Don't Redesign Your Company's Performance Appraisal System, Scrap It! A Look at Costs and Benefits. In this article, the author points out that the hard costs of operating formal performance appraisal systems are measured in billions of dollars annually and that the soft costs might be even higher. The primary offsets to these costs are the purported benefits of performance appraisal systems. Upon inspection, these appear to range from non-existent to minimal.  
Don't Redesign Your II Now What? What to do after you scrap your company's performance appraisal system  
Employee Performace Management A great guide to employee performance Management TOP
Employee Performace Management - Introduction We're Doing Great! How Come We're Not Performing? This story portrays some of the problems that can occur from not having any form of employee performance management in the workplace.  
Everyone’s a Critic Few would argue with the claim that when it comes to criticism, 'tis better to give than to receive. Why then is criticizing employee performance so hard? Here are 10 ways to elevate criticism to a constructive level.  
Example Employee performance appraisal form - by Hartwick College  
Example II Another example of an employee performance appraisal form  
Feedback: The Four Myths If feedback is so good for us, why don't we do it often enough to reap the benefits.   
Full-Circle Feedback Results-driven financial executives may recoil from the idea of being rated on job performance by peers and subordinates. But companies are finding that multi-rater performance assessment is a valuable management development tool. Here’s how to make it work for rather than against you.  
Guide to Implementing Employee Performance Management Brief guide, consiting of five steps.  
High Tech Adventures in Boosting Response Rates One of the challenges in conducting organizational surveys or multisource feedback programs is to drive participation. This article presents some representative participation levels for online surveys and multisource feedback, and discusses 4 methods for boosting participation; by Lynn Summers, PhD, and Leah Groehler, PhD  
How to Create a Performance Appraisal System What are the payoffs? Where to begin?  
How to Measure with Appraisals An effective way to measure how well bosses or managers handle their people is to use a reverse or upward appraisal by their subordinates  
Human Performance: How to Boost Your Workforce Performance ROI A new diagnostic tool can not only demonstrate conclusively the link between human capital development practices and total shareholder return. It can also provide practical guidance for which investments are likely to yield the greatest return.  
Legal Issues in Performance Appraisal Book chapter: aspects of performance appraisals that are likely to wind up in litigation, overview of performance appraisals as they relate to the nature of the employment relationship, substantive and procedural aspects of performance appraisals and the legal defensibility of employment decisions, and more TOP
Performance Appraisal Recommended steps for the performance appraisal process  
Performance Appraisal Alternatives Various online Appraisal Forms that can be downloaded from the Univ. of Arizona   
Performance Appraisal of Farm Employees    
Performance Appraisals: Solving Tough Challenges Discusses tough situations in performance appraisals. Pdf-file  
Performance improvement efforts in response to negative feedback The roles of source power and recipient self-esteem.  
Performance Management is NOT an Annual Appraisal!  Performance appraisals are a hot topic in HR these days. In fact, hundreds of resources exist to tell you how to do performance reviews. I think this is the wrong approach. Should you do reviews at all? If so, what is the larger systems issue? Find out!     
Performance Management Through Behavior Modification Rewards used as positive reinforcements do work. The key phrase here is positive reinforcement. Rewards used any other way are just 'dangling carrots' and 'gimmicks'.   
Rethinking the Performance Appraisal Some advice for performance appraisals  
Teams Performance appraisal for teams - an overview  
Terminology Some humor - The meaning behind the words in employee evaluation  
The Importance of Meaningful Performance Appraisals    
Why Employee Ranking Systems Lead To Disaster Ranking employees, particularly for determining promotion, and pay, or even for providing developmental feedback simply makes no sense. It is not a neutral process, or just a costly process--it is a recipe for disaster.   
Why Improving Performance Management Systems Is So Difficult    
Workonomics: Measuring the Importance of People This piece describes a set of tools and metrics BCG has developed for evaluating employee productivity, and shows how it can impact business strategy, compensation, and organization.   



The Power of Feedback : 35 Principles for Turning Feedback from Others into Personal and Professional Change
by Joseph R. Folkman
In The Power of Feedback, performance specialist Joseph Folkman presents thirty-five principles that help people and organizations turn feedback into real, effective, and long-term change. He shows you how to determine which feedback instruments will work for you and how to make the best use of their results. Based on his many years consulting with thousands of business leaders and professionals around the world, Folkman shows how highly effective people use feedback differently than the rest of us.



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