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Some pieces of information on this site may be outdated. However, these are the papers that are still available on the web. Maybe, you will find them interesting in a historic context.



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14 March 2007
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2020 Vision, The Manager of the 21st Century The report was prepared for Innovation and Business Skills Australia, a Federal Government-funded Industry Skills Council that sets the training agenda in innovation industries such as information and communication technology, financial services and business services. pdf-file 2006  
Anticipating the Challenges of an Aging Workforce Shifts in workforce demographics and business requirements are creating real risks for utilities. It recommends that, to mitigate these risks and lay a foundation for an effective future workforce, senior managers must understand the dynamics of their current employee base, the drivers of turnover, the knowledge and skills that must be shared before they are lost, and the best ways to tap into the future talent pool. pdf.   
Catalyst for Change: The Impact of Millennials on Organization Culture and Policy This research paper explains how the heightened expectations of the Millennial Generation will influence workplace practices from hiring, recruiting and retention, to compensation, promotion, training and organizational culture. The paper also identifies a short list of actions that will help any company prepare for a future in which Millennials will play a major role.   
Epidemics, Labour-Markets and Unemployment: The impact of SARS on human resources management in Hong Kong. Pdf-file 2005  
Examining Worker Productivity In a series of groundbreaking studies, economist Kathryn Shaw, the Ernest C. Arbuckle Professor of Economics at the Business School, identified quantifiable links between imaginative HR practices and increased productivity. 2004  
Facing the future Human resource management is changing. 2002  
Future Trends in Human Resources A group of California government human resource professionals and executives gathered to ponder future trends in the field of human resources. The essence of that discussion, which represents the personal opinions of those present based on a collective experience of over three hundred years in the field of human resources, is documented in this paper. pdf  
Future Trends in Human Resources for Healthcare: A Scenario Analysis The present contribution aims at describing the future of the health workforce in Switzerland. As growing evidence points towards a probable shortage of health care professionals in the next decades, four scenarios elaborated in a previous work on the evolution of health care are presented with the objective of addressing this specific issue. These scenarios should provide a glimpse of how health systems could possibly react in a context of shortage of health care professionals. pdf 2005  
Human Resources in Times of Change This paper highlights the experiences of Dresdner Bank during its restructuring-, cost cutting- and turnaround programmes. Pdf-file  
Managing tomorrow's people: The future of work to 2020 This publication examines the people management challenges facing organisations today — the talent crisis, an aging workforce in the Western world, rising demands for global worker mobility, etc. — and how these changes will impact businesses over the next decade, and what other social, economic, environmental and demographic factors will have an impact on the world of work.   
Memo to HR: Innovate or Else What would HR look like if it really was innovative? Liisa Välikangas and Amy Muller provide answers based on working with large corporations as employees, consultants, and researchers for the past 20 years. Pdf-file. May 2003  
The Emerging Role of Benchmarking in Human Resources It is critical to the ongoing business success of an organization to improve the return gained from its human assets. This allows the organization to consistently demonstrate the people management function and the value of their people assets. Pdf-file  
The Future of Human Resources Management Paper from 1987. Pdf-file available for download  
The future of the U.S. manufacturing labor force Millions of displaced manufacturing workers remain unemployed. Simultaneously, an increasing shortage of highly skilled production workers is threatening U.S. manufacturing. If executives don't address this complex conundrum head-on, rhetoric could overcome reason in the effort to recreate the U.S. manufacturing labor force. 2004  
The Globalization of Human Resource Practices The report examines the changing roles the human resource (HR) function plays in a globally competitive marketplace and identifies the challenges of adapting to these roles.   
The Truth About the Coming Labor Shortage Confusing predictions and data are clouding the real picture of tomorrow’s labor supply. 2005  
Twenty-First Century Workplace Trends Four trends and their implications  
What You Need to Know About Labor Shortages How will a predicted labor shortage impact your business? 2007  
What's next in strategic HR Working paper from the Center for Advanced HR Studies, Cornell University, pdf-download version  


Publications   Literature
Job Evolution: The Real Cause of a Jobless Recovery & How It Will Impact The Future of Jobs (pdf-file 2,128 KB)
By Luigi A. Lupo
n in-depth look at cyclical and structural changes within organizations and how these changes have affected job responsibilities and how jobs have evolved. What the employment market can expect from these new hybrid position and impact on the future of employment.
  The Future of Human Resource Management: 64 Thought Leaders Explore the Critical HR Issues of Today and Tomorrow
by Mike Losey (Editor), Dave Ulrich (Editor), Sue Meisinger (Editor)
The follow-up to the bestselling Tomorrow's HR Management (0-471-19714-9), this book presents an international panel of expert contributors who offer their views on the state of HR and what to expect in the future. Topics covered include HR as a decision science, understanding and managing people, creating and adapting organizational culture, the effects of globalization, collaborative ventures, and investing in the next generation.

A New Vision for Human Resources: Defining the Human Resources Function by Its Results
by Jac Fitz-Enz, Jack J. Phillips
This book offers the Top Ten Measures of HR effectiveness to use as a tool, and urges all managers to join in the effort to bring HR into the role it must assume in management.




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