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Working Time
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Knowledgebase - Legal - Labor and Employment Law
Working Time
Contesting Time: International Comparisons of Employee Control of Working Time The authors hypothesize that three broad factors affect the degree of workers’ control over the timing and the total hours of their work: the institutional and regulatory environment within the country, labor market conditions, and management and labor union strategies.   
European Working Time Directive Full text of the Directive  
Flexible working time arrangements and gender equality A comparative review of 30 European countries. This report provides an overview on flexible working time arrangements and gender equality in the 27 EU Member States and the three EEA–EFTA countries. pdf  
Health and psychosocial effects of flexible working hours The objective of this paper is to examine whether any impairments in health and social lives can be found under different kinds of flexible working hours, and whether such effects are related to specific characteristics of these working hours. 2004  
Measuring working time: an alternative approach to clasifying time use Most regular statistics of working time and working time arrangements are based on information collected through Labour Force Surveys or through Establishment Surveys. However, it has for a long time been argued that to be reliable and valid the measurement of actual time worked has to be integrated into a framework which accounts for all time use activities.   
Three Worlds of Working Time: Policy and Politics in Work-time Patterns of Industrialized Countries Given the underdeveloped attention to political and policy origins of aggregate work time patterns in the work-time literature, and the lack of any significant attention to work-time in the broader comparative political economy literature, this paper has pursues a broad mandate: to bring more politics into the study of work-time, and work-time into the study of politics.   
Working Time in Comparative Perspective I Patterns, Trends, and the Policy Implications of Earnings Inequality and Unemployment. Pdf-file  
Working Time in Comparative Perspective II Life-Cycle Working Time and Nonstandard Work. Pdf-file  
Miscellaneous Information
Auditing the HR Function Short advice on how to conduct and HR audit  
Instructional System Design Complete Guide, includes introduction, analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation  
Recordkeeping Recordkeeping requirements, methodes, issues to consider when purchasing an HRIS system  
Staffing Effective hiring strategies, controlling employee turnover, involuntary terminations  



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