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Achieving Management Excellence A survey of UK management development. Pdf-file  
Behind opened doors: An emotion-centered model about the impact of information disclosure on individual job performance The issue addressed in this paper is how managers and their subordinates experience the disclosure of information (information transparency) and how their experiences influence their job performance. By integrating findings of emotion theory in a motivation theory fundament, I develop a model which explains why information disclosure sometimes causes negative emotions, and why this, in turn, does not automatically lead into counterproductive behavior. pdf-file 2003  
Can People make a Difference? Do employees share the same view of an organisation as clients? Are employees the best ambassadors of brand? A Human Resource Consulting survey of 200 leading organisations gave some interesting insights into businesses' perceptions of their brand and their people values. pdf-file  
Capturing the Value of "Generation Tech" Employees The new breed of staff can be an enormous force for positive change and success in their companies — if managers listen to them. 2004  
Dealing With Angry Employees Tips on how to communicate with angry employees  
Dealing With Employee Emails Employer considerations  
Deterring Anger and Violence Anger and violence at home and in the work place can be deterred if people team together and decide to be persons of good intent and do something about it.   
Dilemmas of an HR Manager in the ITES Industry The IT enabled services (ITES) industry is being looked upon as the next big employment generator . It is however no easy task for an HR manager in this sector to bridge the ever increasing demand and supply gap of professionals. Focus on India. Pdf-file  
Diversity Recruiting The following are the prime factors that can be used to demonstrate the dollar impact of having a diverse workforce.  
E-Business - Impact of Human Capital Working paper from the Center for Advanced HR Studies, Cornell University, pdf-download version  
Effect of Age and Gender on Work Preferences © Institute of Team Management Studies  
Employee Communication Follow Me: Effective Employee Communication; article by Lin Grensing-Pophal, February 2000  
Employee disciplining  What is discipline and how do the manager administer it?   
Empowering ... ... And keeping employees on the way up. Pdf.file TOP
Examining the Measurement Equivalence of Paper and Computerized Job Analyses Scales This study utilized Rasch analysis to examine the impact of response format on job analysis questionnaire scales (task importance and knowledge/skill importance). Doc-file  
Executive Pay and Corporate Financial Performance An Explorative Data Analysis. Pdf-file  
Fairness at Work Whitepaper of the UK Department of Trade and Industry, 1998  
How Does Culture Influence Conflict Resolution? Psychologists have taken several approaches to modeling how culture influences the ways individuals negotiate interpersonal conflict.   
How To Find, Fix Or Fire Your Poor Performers Bad employees drain your IT organization and the company. Forced ranking can help you get tough-but at what cost? November 2003  
HR Process Optimisation Recognising the need to change is one thing but how does HR select the best option to deliver this change? The simple truth is that there is not one right answer because each company is different in terms of its people, culture and values. However, the good news is that there is a sensible routemap through these murky waters. To understand what is best for you is to undertake a review of the two basic options available when considering process optimisation and evaluate their basic strengths and weaknesses. pdf  
Improving Communication -- Tips For Managers    
Improving Workforce Performance: Beyond the Solution Du Jour Having lowered their costs largely through head-count reductions — resulting in smaller but also dispirited and less motivated workforces — companies are finding it even more necessary to increase productivity and innovation, keep their people focused and engaged, and provide the job satisfaction necessary to attract and retain top talent. And they need to do all this now. pdf-file 1.1 MB January 2003  
Informal Communication Is informal communication needed, wanted and supported? Doc-file  
International Career Management The relevance of the 'garbage-can'-model. Pdf-file  
Involving Employees in TQM Employee attitudes and organizational context in unionized environments; by Margaret Collinson, Chris Rees, Paul Edwards with Linda Inness  
Learning goals or performance goals: Is it the journey or the destination? While setting goals is important, setting an outcome goal – rather than a learning goal -- can have a negative impact on an individual’s performance. This is especially true when acquiring skills and knowledge is more important than being persistent and working harder. pdf-file 2006  
Limits To Diversity? Few today would argue that diversity is not a good thing, but are we making claims for it that it cannot support?  
Managerial Correctness MBA programs, says Henry Mintzberg, are producing not managers but functionaries. That doesn't bode well for either business or society.  
Measuring People and Performance: Closing the Gaps A survey sample of ASQ members about people metrics and management at their companies.  
Negotiating - You've Done It Before Although "negotiation" may be a rather intimidating word for some people, it may help to know that this is a skill which you have already used to some degree, and probably many more times than you realize.   
Negotiation Tips Here are some negotiation skills, techniques and strategies to help you handle negotiation situations more effectively.  
Organizational Conflict Different views on organizational conflict: the good, the bad & the ugly  
Performance Measurement Compilation of articles about performance measurement by Jack Zigon  
Pressure Point Index Synstar’s PPI is an ongoing piece of research designed to monitor pressure on IT managers across Europe. The PPI report is based on a survey which questions 700 IT managers about the pressures they face. Pdf-file  
Privacy in the Workplace Emerging Risks in a Changing Landscape. What companies should consider when building an employee privacy program.  
Promoting without planning One of the most prolific, and most costly mistakes I see in small business today, is what I call “random promoting”. Often people with no management experience, and no formal management training, are cast or forced into management and leadership positions.   
Redundancy Consultation A Study of Current Practice And The Effects of The Regulations, Jill Smith, Paul Edwards and Mark Hall, pdf file (167 Kb)  
Research Scientists Practices Employed by Science-based Organizations to Determine the Salary, Compensation and Promotion, and Career Paths of Research Scientists Literature Review. Pdf-file February 2003  
Rewards and Performance Incentives Summary of principles of creating effective rewards with ideas for alternatives to financial rewards. Written for the lay person; by Jack Zigon  
Sole HR Practitioners Flying Solo: Sole HR Practitioners; article by Lin Grensing-Pophal, August 1999  
Strategic Change, Multi-Task Managers and Executive Compensation There is common consensus that executive compensation is strongly tied to firm size and much less so to financial performance. One suspects that observed strategic change in corporations may have an effect on these results. Pdf-file  
The Conditions of Performance Factors that Help or Hinder  
The Dawn of Digital HR Human resources software fuels enterprise productivity and cost-cutting. But a successful transition to automated processes requires vision -- and understanding the costs.   
The Etiquette of Cubicles An Office Divided: The Etiquette of Cubicles; article by Andrea C. Poe, Feb. 2000  
The Individualization of Employment Contracts in Britain Article by William Brown, Simon Deakin, Maria Hudson, Cliff Pratten and Paul Ryan, pdf file (354 K)  
The Inside Track on HR Outsourcing: Retained HR and Other Success Strategies The most successful HR outsourcing transformations integrate HRO with retained HR planning and a broader focus on business strategy. With human resource outsourcing (HRO) in its adolescence, there is increasingly a track record of what is working and what is not. This chapter explores these trends, offers a process for HR transformation that integrates outsourcing and retained HR, and presents a case study. pdf  
The New White-Collar Workplace and Alcohol: A Dangerous Cocktail This paper examines the issues associated with alcohol and illicit drug use in the white-collar workplace, in particular focusing on the role of the employers in defining the culture in which alcohol and illicit drugs can either survive, thrive or dive. pdf-file 2005  
The Obscure World of Empowerment by David Collins; paper traces the origins and nature of empowerment in organizations and analyses how managers use isolation and the rhetoric of empowerment in their attempts to secure control  
The Use of Technology in HR Discusses the forces that are keeping HR from charging ahead  
The Wall Street Journal Compilation of articles for HR professionals by date  
Turnover Costs Capturing Turnover Costs, article by Carla Joinson, July 2000  
Unions - Entrepreneureal Firms Performance and Growth in Entrepreneurial Firms: What Do Unions Do? Working paper from the Center for Advanced HR Studies, Cornell University, pdf-download version  
Using Informal Discipline to Deal with Problem Employees (1) Part 1 discusses personal issues that can surface when dealing with problem employees and how they can cause managers to act in ways that are not necessarily in an organization s best interest. Pdf-file 149 KB  
Using Informal Discipline to Deal with Problem Employees (2) Part 2 provides recommendations regarding treatment of problem employees by exploring potential reasons for their actions and by providing practical tips and strategies for conducting an informal discipline session. Pdf-file 131 KB  
Violence in the Workplace Risk Factors and Prevention Strategies  
What's the Worth of an Employee? Knowledge Capital is an attribute of organizations, not a characteristic of individuals, By Paul A. Strassmann  
When Spending is Investing Employee value reflects motivation, sense of purpose, absence of organizational friction, low turnover and customer loyalty. By Paul A. Strassmann   
When to call a Consultant When Should You Call a Consultant?; article by Marilyn Manewitz, Oct. 1997  
Why CEOs Fall The Causes and Consequences of Turnover at the Top. A 2002 BAH study reveals CEO job security is declining globally. Pdf-file  
Work and Management Compilation of articles by Fred Nicklos  
Worker Participation European and American Ideas. Pdf-file 2002  



Play to Your Strengths: Managing Your Internal Labor Markets for Lasting Competitive Advantage
by Haig Nalbantian, Richard Guzzo, Dave Kieffer, Jay Doherty
All leaders know people are critical to the success of organizations. Executives just don’t act that way sometimes. Why? Because they lack the facts. Too often they don’t know which workforce practices create the greatest value or which attributes of a workforce are critical to business strategy. Play to Your Strengths shows how to leverage a company's human capital strategy into business results that are measurable and profitable and that will create exceptional, enduring competitive advantages.

Human Resources in the 21st Century
by Marc Effron (Editor), Robert Gandossy (Editor), Marshall Goldsmith (Editor)
New and faster technology, redefined values, and shifting customer demands are changing the way businesses operate in the twenty-first century. Human resources and business leaders are faced with the challenge of redefining their strategies on leadership, talent, and diversity, while evaluating their operational effectiveness. This book presents the compelling contributions of thought leaders-such as David Ulrich, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, and Jeffrey Pfeffer-who offer a road map for what these leaders can expect.



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