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4 November 2007
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Applicants on Recruiting: Job Applicants Tell What They Like and Don’t Like in the Recruiting Process  
Assessment Tools and their Use This paper describes different types of assessment tools and procedures as well as a brief description of the advantages and disadvantages of different types of assessment instruments TOP
Fail-Safe Hiring The continuing labor shortage is forcing companies to be creative and aggressive in recruiting employees. Some new approaches to hiring can help you snag and keep top talent.  
Great Expectations: How to Hire Top Performers    
Hire for Attitude, Train for Skill  You can't build a great company without great people. The problem: How do you know the great people when you see them? Rules for smart hiring from Nucor Steel, Silicon Graphics, and Southwest Airlines.   
Hiring for a New or Created Position The process of hiring for a new position, where there is no incumbent, is very difficult, totally unique, critical to the company future, and needs to be handled in a very different way than normal hires.   
Personality Tests Advantages and disadvantages, types, tips  
Some Best Practices and Strategies for Engaging and Retaining Older Workers The following obstacles, best practices, lessons learned, and strategies to address some of these obstacles and promote work at older ages were discussed at a recent GAO forum on older workers.   
Supply-Chain Measurement for Staffing Beyond Cost-per-Hire and Time to Fill  
The Art and Science of Evaluation  At the heart of any hiring process are interviews with and evaluations of job applicants. Here Gallup provides another twist: the company does no face-to-face interviews.   
The Difficult Hire in the Public Sector We believe that to recruit successfully for hard to fill positions, the recruiter, whether by profession or training, must understand the psychology of the job candidate. The recruiter must understand why people take jobs with organizations and what makes the difficult hire possible.   
The Realization of Human Capital Advantage Through Recruiting and Selection More than ever before, organizations are of the belief that their people are a significant differentiator—that they are the business. But many are failing to transform this powerful belief into action.   
Well-designed Career Sites Improve Recruiting Effectiveness Even in a Down Economy Many talented job seekers rely on the Internet as a fast and efficient means to search for, screen, and connect with potential employers. Developing a new corporate career site or refreshing an established one may be just what your organization needs to grab job seekers’ attention and set you apart from your competition.   
When You Have to Look Outside - The state of executive recruitment. Corporations grant executive recruiters wide latitude in choosing leaders for them. What do recruiters know that we don't — and should they really have so much power? 2008  
A Written Structured Interview by any Other Name is Still a Selection Instrument The Written Structured Interview (WSI) is a flexible and cost effective alternative to the oral structured interview for collecting detailed information from job candidates. The WSI provides a set of behavioral and/or situational questions to candidates and has them respond in writing in a group setting.   
Can You Interview for Integrity? It's not only possible, it's essential. Here, 11 great questions and how to ask them. 2004  
Interview Questions Do’s and Don’ts There are ways to ask an employee about his or her ability to do the job while avoiding impermissible questions. Short overview  
Interviewing Finalist Candidates: How the Hiring Executive Should Prepare Your job as the hiring executive is to interview all of the finalists. Interviewing candidates is far from a science, and it is an imperfect process. Yet interviewing is an important, perhaps critical, tool in the recruiting process.   
Interviewing-ABC Questions you should be asking. Even the most elaborate hiring methodologies eventually boil down to the interview-a painful experience for most parties, but there are ways to make interviews more productive.   
Interviews Overview Advantages and disadvantages, types of interviews, tips  
Puzzle Interviews: What Are They and What Do They Measure? Recently organizations have begun using unorthodox interviewing techniques and non-traditional interview questions to hire applicants. The most notable example of this trend is the so-called “puzzle interview”. This article represents the resultls of a study about puzzle interviews.   
Strategies for Successful Hiring: Common Sense Interviewing Techniques This article describes a streamlined procedure that facilitates the interview, ensures fairness to the candidates, and improves the process.   
The Dufus Factor and How It Screws Up Recruiting Interviewing for a job is a lot like a first date -- neither party wants to look like a dufus. But it happens all too frequently, and I'd like to offer a few tips on how to avoid it.   

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9 Unique and amazingly useful ways to evaluate job applicants
By Michael Mercer, Ph.D.
Research proves pre-employment tests are the most accurate method to predict or forecast how an applicant may perform on-the-job.
From the authors extensive experience he created nine unique – and amazingly useful – ways to evaluate job applicants. You can add these uncommon, ultra-useful job applicant prediction methods to your arsenal to help you hire the best.



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