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A Model of Strategic Human Capital Management The model is designed to help leaders effectively use their people, or human capital, and determine how well they integrate human capital considerations into daily decision-making and planning for the program results they seek to achieve. Pdf-file  
Adding Value trough Human Resources: Reorienting Human Resource Measurement to Drive business Performance Building upon the balanced scorecard framework, this article addresses three central issues of human resource (HR) measurement: (1) Do HR practices impact business results? (2) How can HR practices add value to business performance? (3) What HR measures can drive business performance?  new
Aligning Talent for Global Advantage While many companies have successfully gone overseas in search of lower labor costs, few have developed a comprehensive, global strategy to hiring and developing employees. 2007  
Alternatives to Generic Strategy Typologies in Strategic Human Resource Management The common use of generic strategy typologies in strategic human resource management (SHRM), such as the typology proposed by Michael Porter (1980), is inaccurate and probably obsolete. SHRM research that examines the performance effects of human resource (HR) systems does not need to invoke the strategy construct in order to fulfill its goals. pdf-file  
Applying Six Sigma Techniques to Human Capital Management By borrowing a few basic analytic techniques from six sigma, it is possible to identify, with considerable precision, the unique people-related drivers of an organization's business results. pdf-file  
Conceptual Design For a Strategic Human Resources Quality Management System The main purpose of this paper is to deliver a decision support tool aiding the decisionmaking process concerning the strategic management of the department of human resource management. Pdf-file TOP
Creating People Advantage: How to Address HR Challenges Worldwide Through 2015  This report, which is based on a worldwide survey of more than 4,700 executives, lays out a comprehensive approach to enable companies to understand the HR environment and how they can create a people advantage.   
Designing a HR System: Pitfalls, Possibilities and Performance This paper recounts the stages in the design and operation of the HR system over a two year period. The way in which the HR system was designed and operated is described.   
Emerging Market Talent Strategies Creating an effective global talent model. Managing talent effectively in emerging markets takes a flexible approach that can help open the flow of ideas between markets and provide localized approaches. I  
Global Human Resource Metrics What is the logic underlying global HR measurement in your organization? In your organization, do you measure the contribution of global HR programs to organizational performance? Do you know what is the most competitive employee mix for your business units? (How) do you measure the cost and value of the different types of international work performed by your employees? pdf-file 2003  
HR Contribution to a Firm's Success Examined from a Configurational Perspective: An Empirical Study The links between HR effectiveness and organizational effectiveness could be explored from different conceptual angles. In this particular empirical study, the focus is on the multiple links that exist between certain HR policies and practices (i.e., staffing, compensation, training and the like), the characteristics of the HR Department (i.e., ratio of professionals, average level of education, and others), and the overall economic performance / success of the firm. pdf-file  
HRís Strategic Partnership with Line Management Human Resources plays an important, strategic role in supporting organizations.  
Human Capital management practices outside the UK At the request of the Accounting for People task force, PricewaterhouseCoopers has undertaken a review of Human Capital measurement and reporting practice in 13 countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, The Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand and the US. pdf-file  
Human Capital Management: How CFOs Manage Investments In Their Company's Biggest Asset Finance can help companies invest in their workforce in a way that achieves strategic business objectives.   
Human Capital Management: Still Striving to Be Strategic New software programs promise to transform HR, but the strategic value remains to be seen. 2005  
Human Resource Information Systems Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS)as Means of Fulfilling Job Roles More Professionally for Human Resource (HR)Managers. Pdf-file 1082 KB, 2004  
Human Resources Planning Checklist: Determining and Building for Current and Future Needs    
Is it Worth it to Win the Talent War? Evaluating the Utility of Performance-Based Pay. Pdf-file 2003  
Managing Human Resources in a Global Downturn The white paper from RSM International explores how your company can pursue a human resource strategy that helps you survive today without sacrificing your competitive position tomorrow.   
Managing Labor Shortages Strategic Initiatives for managing short-term and long-term labor shortages. pdf-file  
Measuring and Monitoring the HR Function: A Guide for Boards In outlining a model she has developed, the author describes how board members can effectively measure, monitor and manage the HR function. Pdf-file 1,747 KB  
Preparing for a Future Labor Shortage Despite the current rhetoric, demographic trends suggest the potential for a shortage of skilled workers as the baby boomers retire. What can you do to ensure that you maintain a productive enterprise? 2004  
Steady as you go: Managing human capital in an economic downturn Charlie Scott, global leader of Mercerís human capital business, offers insights for managing human capital in an economic downturn Ė and what is likely to be different this time around.   Are people an investment to be managed or an expense to be reduced?   
Strategic Human Capital Management in Federal Agencies Elevating, Integrating, and Institutionalizing Strategic Human Capital Management in Federal Agencies Through the Chief Human Capital Officer. pdf-file  
Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM): What is it -- Really? Pdf-file  
Strategic Human Resources Management: Aligning with the Mission This report details the progress Federal agencies have made in aligning human resources management with the agency mission. Pdf-file 1999  
Strategic Workforce Planning - The Key HR Role in Global Companies As businesses operate increasingly multinationally, they will need to take a globalised approach to workforce management.   
Strategy, Human Resource Management, and the Performance of Life Insurance Firms The potential for human resource management to enhance the competitiveness of U.S. life insurance companies has received little attention in the past. Pdf-file  
Sustainability and the Talentship Paradigm: Strategic Human Resource Management Beyond the Bottom Line. Pdf-file 2003  
Talent Management: Nurturing the Egg Corporations need to develop new ways to manage their talent in order to cope with three big trends: the need for employees to feel in control of their destiny; the upcoming retirement of the baby boom generation; and globalization. 2007  
The CEOís role in talent management How top executives from ten countries are nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. An Economist Intelligence Unit white paper written in cooperation with DDI. pdf-file. 2006  
The Role of Strategy Education in Strategic Human Resource Management Courses In the same way that students with little or no background in Human Resource Manage-ment will struggle to understand and practice Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM), students without a sophisticated understanding of Strategy will be disadvantaged practitioners. pdf-file  
The Strategic Downside of Downsizing Organizations lose critical knowledge they didn't know they had. The knowledge that terminated employees take with them may erode competitive advantage.  
Toward a Strategic Human Resource Management Model of High Reliability Organization Performance In this article, the authors extend strategic human resource management (SHRM) thinking to theory and research on high reliability organizations (HROs) using a behavioral approach. Pdf-file 2004  
Using Strategic Human Capital Management to Drive Transformational Change pdf-file  
When People Strategy Drives Business Strategy People strategy was once the art of creating a work force to execute an already defined business strategy. That is no longer true. Asian outsourcing, for example, raises thorny people strategy questions. Are the skills available in the lowest-cost site, or is it worth paying more for better-trained engineers and a developed infrastructure? How do you create a common culture? The authors have developed a framework for elevating the role of people strategy within the organization. pdf-file. 2006  
Why employee surveys fail: 10 stumbling blocks to success If employee surveys are poorly designed and implemented, they can do unintended damage.   



HR Strategy: Business Focused Individually Centred
by Paul Kearns
This book addresses the two key themes of translating business strategy into a workable, measurable HR strategy while simultaneously tapping into the needs and motivational patterns of individual employees in order to unleash their maximum value. The ultimate aim of any HR strategy is to design the highest value organization.

The Workforce Scorecard: Managing Human Capital To Execute Strategy
by Mark A. Huselid, Brian E. Becker, Richard W. Beatty
The Workforce Scorecard argues that current management and human resource practices hinder employees' ability to contribute to strategic goals. Building on the proven model outlined in their bestselling book The HR Scorecard, Mark Huselid, Brian Becker, and coauthor Richard Beatty show how to create a Workforce Scorecard that identifies and measures the behaviors, competencies, mind-set, and culture required for workforce success and reveals how each dimension impacts the bottom line.



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