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24/7 health effects: shift and night-working. an employer’s guide. From the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Pdf-file
Effects and Strategies The effects of shift work and how to address the problems
European Working Time Directive Full text of the Directive
Limiting Shift-Work Fatigue in Process Control Disrupting normal sleep/wake cycles causes fatigue and reduces alertness. Here are some preventive measures that can improve the performance of employees in 24-h operations. Pdf-file. April 2003
Methods of Dealing with the Inevitable Applies knowledge of circadian rhythms in devising shift work schedules, explains how light exposure, exercise, and diet can be utilized to mitigate the negative effects of shift work, reviews  current original research in the field. Pdf file TOP
Plain Language About Shift Work This document gives basic facts about shiftwork and talks about ways to make shiftwork life easier. Many workers cannot avoid night or rotating shiftwork. Therefore, this booklet suggests ways of coping with shiftwork. Pdf-file
Reasons for Shift Work Among full-time employees who work an alternative shift, over half do so because of the nature of the job
Replacing the '9-to-5' workday? This article examines both the incidence and trends in flexible work hours and alternative shift work and, also, the relationship between the jobs in which people work and the prevalence of these digressions from the more traditional "9-to-5" workday. abstract, full text available as pdf file TOP
Shift Lag What is it, who gets it, how to reduce it; in FAQ format




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