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Developing an HR Vision: Top Executives on Building a Strong Team & Aligning Human Resources with Business Goals (Inside the Minds)

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8 November 2007

Action Learning via Teamwork By Charles Margerison; Action learning is a system for improving both individual and organizational performance  
Basics Introduces some of the basic concepts of team building, asking such questions as 'what is a team?', and 'what is team building?'; explains some of the basic ideas behind improving the performance of teams.   
Belbin's Company Worker Belbin's Company Worker, The Self-Perception Inventory, and Their Application to Software Engineering Teams. Thesis. This study uses a team-based personality profiling tool, the Belbin Self-Perception Inventory, to explore the characteristics offered by the Company Worker, one of the team roles defined by Belbin. Pdf-file TOP
Can Multinational Groups be Effective? The Influence of Leadership and Corporate Culture. In this paper a model focussing on how to build an effective multinational group (MNGs) is presented. Pdf-file  
Change communication in the context of self-directed work teams This research project collected data about team communication and communication of organizational information within the workplace during the change from traditional authoritarian, top-down leadership to self-directed work teams in different areas of a manufacturing plant. pdf  
Changing the Communication Culture of Distributed Teams in a World Where Communication is Neither Perfect nor Complete Distributed teams have been set up to work together across space, time and even organisational boundaries over the last few years, to increase the availability of scarce skills, reduce travel costs, and increase worker job satisfaction through fewer relocations. Technological developments, such as various communication technologies, have helped to support this move to distributed teams. This case study based paper provides an analysis of the communication culture and tools of the distributed teams of a large German manufacturer. The communication behaviours and tools used by these real distributed teams working together in different settings on international projects are analysed.   
Group Dynamics Current group research, history of group research, group structures etc. by Denelson R. Forsyth, Professor of Psychology and Sociology at Virginia Commonwealth University  
Highly Effective Technical Personnel Strategies There are two teams, both tasked with highly technical projects in the aerospace industry and of similar size, composition, and project timeframe. One team was considered highly successful, while the other was not. This article draws lessons from the successes and failures of these two teams with a focus on transfer of tacit knowledge and co-location strategies. 2010  
Living with a Self-Directed Work Team ... and Why Self-Direction Works: A Review of Herzberg's Concepts; by Peter Grazier  
Managing Team Performance: Unrealistic vision or attainable reality? By Dick McCann & Richard Aldersea; paper can be used to help teams in trouble and to fine tune teams that are already performing well. It is based on a new model of teamwork and an instrument which can measure team performance.  
Megatraps: The Team Killers This article provides a brief overview of the three team megatraps: the strategic blunder, the collision of work cultures, and the inability to transfer learning. Pdf-file 163 KB  
Overcoming Objections to Team-Based Organization This article explains managements' and employees' objections and gives answers to them.  
Quotes on teams Nothing scientific, but if you need a quote about teams - there is a great variety  
Team Chemistry Some hints for project team effectiveness. Pdf-file  
Team Dynamics At the example of the 1993 Dhaulagiri Expedition; by Bob Killip  
Team Effectiveness Article about the factors that contribute towards an effective team  
Team Learning By Dr Dick McCann; learning organizations, what is team learning, nine essential team activities, valuing diversity, communicating, learning review  
Team Motivation How to keep the team motivated over the long haul; by Peter Grazier  
Team Motivation II Factors That Influence Team Motivation  
Team Roles Introduction into the concept of Belbin®team roles  
Teaming with Strangers Success strategies for cross-functional teams; by Glenn Parker  
The Impact of Task- and Team-Generic Teamwork Skills Training on Team Effectiveness This study examined the effects of training team members in three task- and teamgeneric teamwork skills: planning and task coordination, collaborative problem solving, and communication. Pdf-file. 2005  
The State of Teams - A Research Report from CCL CCL's 2006 State of Teams Report provides a broad look at the challenges, needs, and functioning of teams in today's organizations. pdf. 2006  
Unleashing the Power of Teams From Theory to Execution. In most organizations, the untapped performance potential from teams is enormous. While the fundamental theory of team performance is perhaps well known, many teams fall short of their full potential because they fail to move from theory to execution, particularly when it comes to making critical decisions about when, where, and how to team. In workshops focused on applying team fundamentals to real business challenges, senior leaders can learn to recognize the significance of different types of teams and when they should be employed, while generating immediate business impact. After senior leadership has successfully embraced and internalized strategic teaming, top managers should develop the institutional capability to spread these behaviors throughout the organization. pdf 2011  
Using Peer Assessments in Team Activities pdf-file  
Weathering the Storms of Difficult Times With Team-Based Organization and Self-Managed Teams    
Work team performance over time: three case studies of South African manufacturers In this paper,we report on three case studies of South African manufacturing firms that made significant efforts to implement shopfloor improvement teams. Our main hypotheses are: work team engagement is positively associated with early implementation credibility-building activities; both outcome-orientation and substantive participation are positively associated with a rapid rate of performance gains; and team institutionalization is positively associated with sustaining performance gains. pdf-file 2002  
Conflicts in Teams
Conflict In Project Teams: Gaining The Benefits, Avoiding The Costs Conflict is difficult to manage because it comes in two forms – constructive and destructive. This article examines the paradoxical nature of conflict on team decision making and project team performance and provides guidance on how project teams can manage conflict to enhance decision outcomes and project performance.  new
Conflict Management in Teams The key issue in dealing with team conflict is for the team to realize that the focus is not on conflict itself, but how it is managed. Conflict pervades the core of team processes, and, if un-addressed, conflict serves to stunt the development of a team. 2006 new
Creating Win-Win Solutions for Team Conflicts By redefining team members' aims and belief systems, conflicts can be resolved in a way that works for everyone. The six-step process described here can help teams find solutions that maximize mutual benefits.  
Cross-Cultural Process Conflict Management: Time Perceptions as Value Diversity in Multicultural Teams. Pdf-file  
Effectively Managing Team Conflict The objective of this white paper is to illustrate team conflict symptoms and causes; to determine how to address team conflict using specific tools, skills, and processes; and to improve the ability of managers to build teams that can deal effectively with both healthy and unhealthy conflict. new
Effects of Intra-Group Conflict on Packaged Software Development Team Performance Findings from this study indicate that a combination of the team’s characteristics, teammember characteristics, and existing levels of intra-group conflict accounts for nearly one-half of the variance between the best and worst-performing teams.   
Key Concepts Slides discussing concepts such as positive and negative conflict, stages in conflict, ways of dealing with conflict etc. pdf-file  
Managing Conflict in Work Teams Conflict is a driving force of change that can result in improved decision-making processes and progressive team development. However, teams must learn to be confrontational without destroying the team process.  
Managing Conflicts within a Team of Writers Whenever a conflict occurs within a writing team, managers usually have two options: conflict management or conflict resolution.   
Managing Groups and Teams/Conflict Detailed paper from Wikibooks, including types, symptoms, appropriate solutions, prevention strategies TOP
Managing Work Team Conflict: Assessment and Preventative Strategies Although conflict is an inevitable aspect of team development, conflict can provide the basis for constructive and beneficial outcomes by identifying and managing conflict effectively.  
Meridith Belbin Team Roles and Modes of Conflict Behaviour: A Study in Work Teams from the Basque Country Organizations. This study is based in cultural profiles and modes of conflict behaviour, and hypotheses that different Belbin Team Roles may correlate to different modes of conflict behaviour, as well as different motivation behaviour depending on the role.   
Nine Ways Managers Can Help Resolve Conflicts Between Teams If some teams in your organizations are having difficulty with each other, consider doing the following exercise to help them resolve their conflict. Short paper with nine approaches.  
Resolving Conflict in Work Teams As organizations continue to restructure to work teams, the need for training in conflict resolution will grow. Conflict arises from differences, and when individuals come together in teams, their differences in terms of power, values, and attitudes contribute to the creation of conflict.   
Building High Performance Teams This detailed guide to building high performance teams has been constructed to help those who are responsible for managing and developing the performance of a team. 1.  Characteristics of high performance teams 2. Developing and nurturing high performance teams 3. Stages of team development 4. Setting up a team building event  
Games and Activities ... ... For building and training teams; types of teams, what are and why to use games and activities, hot to use them to build and train teams  
Games and Team Building Activities A compilation of activities and games that are useful for teambuilding, each with a brief description.   
High and Low Performing Project Teams Uncovering and Exploring the Mobilization and Launch Phase of High and Low Performing Project Teams. Pdf-file  
Phases of the Team Building Effort Short description of several phases of the team building effort  
Team Building Without Time Wasting Many of today’s leaders face a dilemma, as the need to build effective teams is increasing, the available time to build these teams is often decreasing. This parallel approach to teambuilding has been shown to help leaders build teamwork without wasting time.   
Team Startup A complete guide for newly formed teams - overview and free downloadable e-book  
Teambuilding: A Strategic Leader Imperative This paper focuses on teambuilding from a military perspective. It will analyze the  components of teambuilding and suggest recommendations on how to improve teambuilding efforts to foster effective strategic leadership.   
The Challenge of Creating Cross-Functional Teams In a time of massive reorganizations due to mergers, reengineering, and enterprise resource planning systems (ERP), people need to be able to build alliances and teams across departments and across continents. This article provides a model for building these cross-departmental teams.  
Time Efficient Team Building Team building requires the knowledge of available tools to accomplish the tasks at hand while working in time constraints of school districts. This article reviews: a) effective team building strategies, b) applies team building to develop new knowledge, and c) makes use of total quality management tools to build teams in a limited time frame.   
Tools for Team-Building A handout with activities that foster positive staff dynamics  
What is Teambuilding Really? Are you more successful on your own or in a group? by Peter Grazier  


Publications Literature

In our publications-section, we have compiled a variety of papers from the and from our valued partners that focus on teams. They cover topics like:

● Team building
● Conflicts in teams
● Team performance
● Team roles
● Teamworks

Teams Articles

What to learn from poor teams
Blogpost at Eddielogic - The Blog on Strategy and Management
We all know about teams that do not match the description of a committed, motivated group of people that continuously exceeds expectations with impressive results. Not every team will be a top-performer. Here is what we can learn from them. more

The Everything Managing People Book: Quick and Easy Ways to Build, Motivate, and Nurture a First-Rate Team
by Gary R. McClain, Deborah S. Romaine
This is one of our best selling books at
Filled with practical advice, The Everything Managing People book guides you through all aspects of managing - from hiring and firing to motivating and promoting. This hands-on, informative book even shows how to overcome employee morale issues, mentor younger staff members, communicate effectively, and lead during turbulent economic times.

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable
by Patrick M. Lencioni
Once again using an astutely written fictional tale to unambiguously but painlessly deliver some hard truths about critical business procedures, Patrick Lencioni targets group behavior in the final entry of his trilogy of corporate fables. And like those preceding it, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team is an entertaining, quick read filled with useful information that will prove easy to digest and implement

The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork: Embrace Them and Empower Your Team
by John C. Maxwell
Everyone who works with people is realizing that the old autocratic method of leadership simply doesn’t work. The way to win is to build a great team. John C. Maxwell has been teaching the benefits of leadership and team building for years. Now he tackles the importance of teamwork head on, writing about teamwork being necessary for every kind of leader, and showing how team building can improve every area of your life.
Read a book summary on this book, provided by Regine P. Azurin and Yvette Pantilla from BusinessSummaries

Management Teams : Why They Succeed or Fail
by Meredith Belbin,
One of the most influential books on management team research. Belbin describes the characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of several team roles people can take on in a team. Includes a self-perception inventory so you can match your personality to particular team roles.





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