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11 December 2012
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Evaluation of Trainers The Ten Rules for Perfect Evaluations. On choosing between training excellence and great evaluations.  
In search of the perfect e-learner In this article, Clive Shepherd examines the notion that some people are more suited to e-learning than others, while not discarding the idea that e-learning could be developed to become a medium for the masses. January 2002  
Learning Glossary    
The Influence of Training Reputation, Managerial Support, and Self-Efficacy on Pre-Training Motivation and Perceived Training Transfer Perceptions of training program reputation remain relatively under-represented in the training literature . The present study seeks to extend previous findings by examining the effects of perceived training reputation, managerial support and self-efficacy on pre-training motivation and likely transfer of training in a private training curriculum.   
Avoiding e-Learning Failure This white paper explores some of the most common missteps or pitfalls in e-Learning. It also examines 10 factors that must be considered for an e-Learning program to be successful.  new
Developing a digital learning strategy Today's digital workplace blends different technologies, working practices and generations, but how can organisations ensure an effective return on investment?   
E-learner experiences: key questions to ask when considering implementing e-learning This article draws on the experiences of a number of companies which experienced difficulties in taking the e-learning route. Attention is drawn to key areas for consideration when venturing into an e-learning development. pdf new
E-learning - just training online? A summary of what it is and what it is not  
Evaluating Virtual Learning  In considering literature on the evaluation of Virtual Learning’s (VL) or similar technologies, it is apparent that there are many different approaches to studies.  A more marked distinction is made in the current paper by suggesting that it may be helpful to regard some studies as “experiments” and some as “evaluations”. 2006  
Five Common but Questionable Principles of Multimedia Learning This chapter describes five commonly held principles about multimedia learning that are not supported by research and suggests alternative generalizations that are more firmly based on existing studies.  2005  
In search of the perfect e-tutor Research is constantly reinforcing just how important the e-tutor is to the success of an online course. But what makes an effective e-tutor? Clive Shepherd goes in search of the perfect e-tutor and reflects on just what the job has to offer in return.  
Knowledge Management Driven e-Learning System Developing An Automatic Question Answering System With Expert Locator. e-Learning has shown an increase in the percentage of usage. However, the early promise of e-Learning has not been fully realized. The emerging e-Learning requirements needs an e-Learning system which can solve  user problem on demand.   
Perspectives on cost & effectiveness in online training In this article, Clive Shepherd shows how, by employing online learning appropriately, trainers can maintain the balance between provide the volume of services required by the organization to meet identified learning needs, to deliver those services effectively and to deliver them at an appropriate cost, while forging ahead and providing a better service - delivering more learning, better learning and cheaper learning.  
Skilling up - learning about e-learning In this article, Clive Shepherd looks at the skills needed to make e-learning a success, at the issues involved in bringing these skills in-house, and at the opportunities currently available in the UK for training in e-learning skills. March 2002  
Somewhere a place to learn What is the ideal environment in which to be an e-learner? In this article, Clive Shepherd explores the advantages and disadvantages associated with learning at the desktop, at home or in the learning centre, and comes to see how all options can work given the right conditions.  
Tangible Benefits of E-Learning Does investment yield interest?  2008  
Ten Common Mistakes in Building an eLearning Strategy A basic building block of a successful and sustainable eLearning program is a solid strategy. Most organizations say they have one, but when you look under the hood there is often a lot of weakness. Here are ten top mistakes people often make when building their eLearning strategy. new
The key to e-learning is b-learning Explains how blended learning, or b-learning, can ease the path to e-learning. 2003  
Trends in E-Learning Some years ago, not many people have heard of the term “e-learning”. A lot of people have heard of terms such as distance education or distance learning, yet with the introduction of e-learning, distance education took on a whole new meaning. With e-learning, the possibilities for getting knowledge and information out to the learner at her/his own pace opened a whole new world for knowledge transfer. 2006  



Don't burn your fingers on e-learning: align it to corporate strategy
By George Eybers   
Companies are burning their fingers on e-learning, because they do not link employee development to business strategy. They also do not reward employees for upskilling themselves, says George Eybers, GM of Skills2learn Africa.   He says introducing the concept of lifelong learning is a massive undertaking for most organisations. It requires a major shift in culture, commitment, management buy-in, careful implementation and ongoing support to be successful.

The learning portal: uniting training systems for e-learning success
By Sybille McCloghrie   
Gartner has identified e-learning as one of 2004's hot technologies, but South African companies which have invested millions in implementing e-learning solutions are finding that these solutions are not being taken up by targeted users. Key to creating a true learning organisation, says SYBILLE MCCLOGHRIE, director of Tilos Business Solutions, is a learning portal that unites various training systems under one banner.

12 steps to successful e-learning
By George Eybers
Introducing the concept of life-long learning is a massive undertaking for most organisations. It needs a major shift in culture, requiring commitment, careful implementation and ongoing support to be successful. GEORGE EYBERS, chairman of Skills2learn, says there are 12 basic steps to ensuring the success of an e-learning implementation.

Express to Maximum Value
by William L. Austin, Jr.
Today, many companies have, or are in the process of establishing, their own training and organizational development unit or learning center. With that decision made, the question now becomes: how should the learning center operate so that it adds maximum value? The analogy of a commuter train illustrates how a learning center should operate. The rails, the power lines, or catenaries, the passengers, and the crew all work together to form an effective, high performance system. Their interaction provides a model for the best practice of operating a learning center.



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