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HR - Team Conflicts

Conflict In Project Teams: Gaining The Benefits, Avoiding The Costs The management of project teams is a critical competency in today’s hi-tech organizations. Though the nature of projects varies greatly, one thing they all have in common is the importance of effective decision making. Researchers have found that central to a project team’s ability to make effective decisions and achieve its goals is its ability to manage conflict. The problem is, however, that conflict is difficult to manage because it comes in two forms – constructive and destructive. In some instances, conflict enables teams to generate higher quality decisions, and a deeper understanding and commitment to the decisions reached. In other instances, conflict confers few of these benefits, and has been shown to degrade decision making and thwart the attainment of project goals. This article examines the paradoxical nature of conflict on team decision making and project team performance and provides guidance on how project teams can manage conflict to enhance decision outcomes and project performance.
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