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30 November 2006

Industries - Airline, Aviation, Air Transport 

On this site you will find information about the airline industry.
The external links in our web directory will lead you to information about
- trends
- case studies
- industry data
- management best practices and more
that are specific to the airline industry.

Industry Organizations


Airport Capacity Benchmark Report 2004 and 2001 The FAA has developed capacity benchmarks for 31 of the nation's busiest airports to understand the relationship between airline demand and airport runway capacity and what we in the aviation community can do about it.  
Alliance Structure and Success in the Global Airline Industry: An Empirical Investigation In this paper, we investigate the use of horizontal distribution alliances (HDAs) in the international airline industry. Airlines enter these alliances to effectively meet the needs of passengers in new and expanding markets.   
An Analysis of Profit Cycles in the Airline Industry paper discusses the financial dynamics of the airline industry by
identifying the fundamental cycle periods of profitability and their driving factors. 
Can Lean Maintenance Help Save the Airlines? The drive to eliminate waste improves both costs and quality. Abstract, article available for download. 2006  
Civil Aerospace in the 21st Century - Business as Usual...or a Fresh Start? In this paper, PwC takes a closer look at Civil Aerospace. They discuss the factors that shaped the industry since its pioneering early days and assess the impact of the traumatic events at the end of the 20th century. 2005  
Fraud in the Airline Industry - How to plug the gaps This survey is important in terms of understanding the risks, discovering the causes and identifying key steps that airlines could take to minimise them.   
Global Airport Management: Strategic Challenges in an Emerging Industry. Although only a small percentage of the world's commercial airports are managed or owned by the private sector, the role of private businesses in airport operation and management is growing rapidly. Capitalizing on this change requires  forward-looking companies to act now. pdf file  
How Airlines Can Create New Revenue Streams How airlines can create new revenue streams by merchandising ancillary goods and services. 2007  
Impact of the Internet on the Airline Industry pdf-file  
Key Success Factors The ability for airlines to succeed today is measured according to several key success factors. 2006  
New Metrics for Market Share: Lessons from the Airlines Identifying a target market share is indispensable for strategic goal setting. Dramatic shifts in the airline industry show how certain time-honored measures can be misleading, even dangerously so. New metrics assessing exposure to disruptive competition are critically needed by old-line carriers if they are to meet the challenge of aggressive newcomers. The airlines' story is hardly an isolated one - it has lessons for consumer companies that might be similarly buffeted by a changing business environment. pdf-file 2006  
Perceived Price Fairness in the Airline Industry – A Customer Perspective pdf-file  
Profitable Growth Strategies in the Airport Business pdf-file  
Solving Airspace Gridlock A controversial plan aims to address the capacity issues facing today’s aviation infrastructure. 2006  
Tempelhof airport - “Turning history into future” - The analysis of the past and present Potential Competition among Berlin Airports - A Case Study on Tempelhof. Pdf-file  
The Emerging Airline Industry A joint study by A.T. Kearney and the Society of British Aerospace Companies (SBAC). Pdf-file 2003  
The New Economics of Customer Loyalty Programs Customers want options. How to address that priority and still turn a profit? The dynamics of frequent flier and other loyalty programs are changing, with airlines’ strategic control over the programs starting to slip toward the credit card companies that serve as intermediaries between airline and customer. 2007  
Industry Organizations
Airports Council International (ACI)
European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC)
European Regions Airline Association (ERA)
Flight Safety Foundation
International Air Transport Association The IATA produces a variety of interesting industry reports, forecasts etc., which are available for purchasing



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