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Industries - Automotive and Automotive Suppliers 

On this site you will find information about the automotive industry.
The external links in our web directory will lead you to information about
- trends
- case studies
- industry data
- management best practices and more
that are specific to the automotive industry.

Moreover, there is information about the automotive suppliers industry and the automotive aftermarket


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03 December 2008

A Comparison of Toyota and Honda Hybrid Vehicle Marketing Strategy pdf  
Automotive Customer Experience Achieving Next Level Customer Service by Managing Customer Experiences Across All Touchpoints.  new
Automotive industry and climate change: Framework and dynamics of the CO2 (r)evolution. Results of a study: To succeed in the marketplace manufacturers need to lower cost of climate-friendly technologies to a competitive level and raise customer acceptance by selective marketing.   
Automotive Sector Futures I - The automotive sector at a crossroads This paper from 2004 provides a snapshot of the automotive sector, focusing on some of the trends and driving forces that will map its future. pdf-file  
Automotive Sector Futures II - Scenarios for the automotive sector This paper from 2004 explores in greater depth scenarios and other relevant future work likely to shape developments in the sector. pdf-file  
Automotive Sector Futures III - Balancing conflicting pressures: the automotive sector of tomorrow This paper focuses on policy issues for the future of the sector. Its objective is not to propose policy per se, but rather to stimulate dialogue and debate about policy alternatives aimed at both safeguarding the future of the industry and guaranteeing a safer and cleaner environment for all citizens. pdf-file  
Battle for Sales in the Premium Segment This viewpoint presents six key levers in order to lead the marketing and sales models to strategic and operational excellence.  new
Cars That People Want to Buy Improving R&D in the auto industry - Auto companies, which are under increasing pressure to produce vehicles that are cleaner and more fuel-efficient to produce and operate, cannot afford this high level of R&D waste.  
Cruisin' Monthly 'Roadmap to Automotive' by Baird. Pdf-file TOP
Distribution Systems in Europe On The Importance Of Selective And Exclusive Car Distribution Systems In EU-Europe. Doc-file  
European Automotive Industry Competitiveness, Challenges, and Future Strategies. Pdf-file 2004  
European Automotive Initiative Group Industry news and data, best practice library, research programs, industry forum etc.  
Global Passenger Car Production  1995-1999 by country, with links to detailed stats for each country  
Indian Automotive Industry pdf-file 2004  
Mega Market for Ultra-Low-Cost Cars Success in the ultra-low-cost car sector requires more than a solid end product. It will require reviewing and adapting the entire business model.  
Motor Industry Research Association Provider of engineering development & research services to the worldwide automotive industry  
One Billion New Automobiles Three trends that will change the future of the automobile industry. 2007  
Online Sales in the Automotive Industry How can the internet become a successful sales channel for the automotive industry? 2012  
The Automotive Industry in Eastern Central Europe Report from 2004. pdf-file  
Thinking Beyond 4,000 Pounds of Metal How can a business put the “value” back in the automotive value chain? That’s the fundamental question behind “Indego,” a research project that took a cleansheet approach to the automotive value chain. 2004  
U.S. Automotive Industry Policy Overview and Recent History. Pdf-file. 2005  
U.S. Car Production Figures 1992-2000  
Ultra-Low-Cost Car Market A Nano Car in Every Driveway - How to Succeed in the Ultra-Low-Cost Car Market.   
Value Destruction by Price Promotions? – The Case of the European Automobile Industry Due to the abolition of two important legal restrictions (Rabattgesetz and Zugabeverordnung) in August 2001 the marketing instrument of price promotions is much more widely applied in the German car retail market than only some years ago.   



Eddielogic - The Blog on Strategy - Automotive Industry
On Eddielogic, our blog on strategy and strategic thinking, our team has written some posts which discuss strategic issues of the automotive industry. So we gave them their own category - Automotive Industy

Fit for Growth
By Hanns Guenther Bollig
During the boom time of process cost reduction programmes, Automotive Advisors & Associates carried out a European Benchmark Project about "Best Practice" in Improvement Programme Management in the automotive industry. The results are stunning. This Survey on the effectiveness of business improvement programmes in the automotive industry shows how effective the various approaches to cost reduction and business improvements have been in the past. Which ones have been successful, which ones have been flops.

Understanding the Challenges of a Liberalised Aftermarket
By Hanns Guenther Bollig
The liberalised automotive aftermarket provides great opportunities for suppliers to win additional direct business with the end customers and take more profits home.

Survey on the Growth Perspectives of the European Automotive Supplier Industry
- How Suppliers can win more Business in Europe -

By Hanns Guenther Bollig   
The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) commissioned Automotive Advisors & Associates to conduct a survey amongst the European automotive manufacturers and their largest first-tier suppliers about the growth prospects of the European automotive supply industry and the priority actions for suppliers and governments.

Building and developing brands in the automotive aftermarket
by Hanns Günther Bollig, Automotive Advisors & Associates
With the fall of block exemption, the automotive aftermarket becomes more open for OEM suppliers. In order to be successful, OEM supplier have to improve public awareness of their brands and products. This article describes some of the issues and opportunities.
html-file - 40 KB

The Internet: Redefining relationships in the supply chain
By Hanns Günther Bollig
The automotive industry is fighting to increase it's attractiveness for shareholders and funds. The Internet will provide them with the opportunity to increase shareholder value and compete more effectively with other industries. Issues are: Exploiting the automotive brands, supplying the built-to-order car, rationalising the supply chain, new build technology and improved customer service
Read the Executive Summary
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