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Industries - Energy & Mining 

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Electricity / Utilities
Capabilities-Driven Strategy: Redefining Utility Leadership for a New Environment A new crop of "architect CEOs" in the utilities industry are recognizing the need to realign their companies' capabilities and performance models with the new market realities, to both meet new demands and take advantage of emerging opportunities in those markets.  
Competition and Consumer Protection Perspectives on Electric Power Regulatory Reform. Focus on Retail Competition. Pdf-file 2001  
Electricity US Electricity Information  
Electricity Association Association of UK Electricity Companies, provides information on the industry as a whole and data  
Electricity Supply Organization: Which End is Up? Instead of creating a top-down hierarchy for overseeing bulk power markets, the creation of four RTOs may end up inadvertently creating a smaller, decentralized generation structure. Will the new form fit its intended function, and how will it react to technological evolution within the industry?   
Growth Strategies  Cary Harmon outlines the elements necessary to be a successful grower in the utilities industry.   
How utilities should evaluate upstream and downstream integration Having seen few benefits from the breakup of generation, transmission and retail service, many utility executives now wonder if expanding back into these markets might offer lower transaction costs, better hedging or other advantages. 2013   
Natural Supply Chains: A New Strategy for Utilities This Perspective outlines a new approach—natural supply chains that exist across business units and are made up of business activities that have inherent similarities. 2011  
Posting profits: Beyond the meter, beyond the hype Research shows that for utilities, the market size for smart meter-enabled services isn't compelling as yet. But the emerging threat of new competitors requires taking action. 2011  
Power Shift to Customers Customers are the ones who get to decide. Energy companies will have to adapt to this shift in power from institutions to individuals. They will have to learn how to innovate in response to customer demands.  
The Future of Energy Utilities European utilities face a myriad of challenges. Companies in the sector are at a crossroads – they need to reengineer business models that worked well for more than 50 years if they want both to survive and to retain their position in the market. In this article the authors discuss the key dimensions for defining the future strategic positioning of utilities, and discuss potential approaches and models.  new
The Future of Utilities Industry The "good old days" of utilities as a safe investment for widows and orphans are gone forever. If we can't go back, we must go forward, but to where?  January 2002  
The UK Power Market From Short-term Stresses to Longer-term Planning. Pdf-file. 2002  
Turning on utility customer loyalty Customer loyalty has never been more important for utilities, since liberalization in European markets makes it easy for consumers to switch providers. Bain’s study on customer loyalty reveals the most common reasons for staying or leaving. 2012   
Untilities Industry Landscape Leonard Hyman provides an investment banker's view of the utilities industry landscape and shows how technology could make dominance of the local utility and central power station obsolete.  
Utility brief Q&A: Why carbon competitiveness matters A utility with lower carbon exposure than its competitors can strengthen its position dramatically within the industry, says Jorge Leis, a partner with Bain & Company. 2011  
Oil and Gas
Beyond Fossil Fuels: The Evolution of Energy In this article, PricewaterhouseCoopers' Dennis Jennings and John Fillo discuss the different strategies petroleum companies are adopting to transform themselves into sustainable energy providers during this critical transition period.   
Crude Oil Market Outlook By US Energy Information Administration  
E-Business in the Downstream Oil Industry Summary of an ADL article, full version pdf file available (III/2000)  
E-Business in the Upstream Petroleum Industry Summary of an ADL article, full version pdf file available (III/2000)  
Eurasian Gas Market Strategic Investment and Bargaining Power in Supply Chains: A Shapley Value Analysis of the Eurasian Gas Market. Discussion Paper 2003  
Future of Oil Service Companies Andrew Gould, Schlumberger, PDF file 889 K  
Gas Markets in the New World Order New markets, new technologies, new players, the emergence of liquefied natural gas, and other catalysts make for a roller-coaster ride over the next few years for the world's gas markets. 2004  
Going Global: Change and challenge in the gas market Gas is poised to become the fuel of the future, yet companies and regulators alike face a growing reality within mature markets of the burgeoning gap that is forming between supply and demand. Pdf-file 3,519 KB. 2003  
Long Term World Oil Supply  A Resource Base/Production Path Analysis  
Natural Gas US Natural Gas Information  
Natural Gas: The Fuel of the Next Century Article by Professor Paul Stevens; There is an increasingly common view that natural gas will be the fuel of the next Century. However, if that is to happen, many of the constraints which have dogged the international gas market over the last 40 years must disappear.   
Oil and Product Prices Spot and retail prices for crude and selected products  
Oil Price History and Analysis A discussion of crude oil prices, the relationship between prices and rig count and the outlook for the future of the petroleum industry. TOP
Oil Resources: A Balanced Assessment Article by Peter Davies & Paul Weston; This paper addresses the issues of world oil resources and resulting policy implications.  
Oilmonitor Oil and refining evaluation service,  by PwC covers key aspects of crude oil supply, transportation and processing  
OPEC Annual Report 1998 Download version in PDF format  
OPEC Press Releases    
Petrocore Information exchange for upstream E&P operators, by PwC  
Petroleum US Petroleum Information TOP
Powertrax / Gastrax Transaction Pricing Databases for the Electric and Natural Gas Industries, by PwC  
Profile of Oil and Gas Industry Energy smart ® 99 by E&Y, PDF file 107 K  
Role of OPEC ... In energy markets of 21st century, Erwin Arrieta-Valera, Former Minister of Energy & Mines, Venezuela and Former President of OPEC, PDF file 52 K  
The Changing World Petroleum Industry  Article by Peter Davies; This paper attempts to analyze the reasons for the previous enduring stable structure of the industry and the causes of the period of change. It also attempts to consider the driving forces that could shape the industry in the coming years.  
The Crude Facts About the Price of Oil How dramatic are the price increases? What is causing prices to increase? 2004  
The EU Gas Regulators Forum 1999 A Note by Peter Cameron  
The Future World Oil Market:  ... State of Nature or Social Contract?; article by Pierre Noël  
The World Petroleoum Life-Cycle The world oil production peak, we assume, will be a turning point in human history. Our major goal is to forecast the all-time world oil peak, not by one heroic effort, but rather by a series of smaller efforts -- much like an experienced team of mountaineers would climb the world's tallest peak.  
U.S. Natural Gas Supply Forecast Background, short- and longer-term outlook. Pdf-file. February 2004  
Venezuela Oil Industry by E&Y, PDF file 37 K  
Alternatives/ Renewables
Contribution of Renewables to Energy Security This report shows how in electricity generation, heat supply, and transport, renewables can enhance energy security and suggesting policies that can optimise this contribution. 2007  
Electricity Generation from Renewables - EU Figures Time series from 1990 to 2007 for EU electricity generation from renewable sources by country and source. 2010  
Financing Renewable Energy in the European Energy Market This study provides an up to date and thorough assessment of the costs of renewable energy and the support and financing instruments available for renewable energy R&D, demonstration projects and large-scale deployment. 2011   
Renewable Energy in Europe The development of renewable energy in Europe faces a host of environmental, economic and political hurdles. 2010   
Renewables at a Crossroads The renewables market has evolved in important ways, setting the stage for it to maintain its economic viability and continue to grow. One of the hallmarks of the renewables sector today is its structural diversity in terms of the technologies, players, and geographic regions involved in its growth. 2011  
Study of Renewable Energy Project Risk Factors Influencing the Insurance Industry Until recently, the uptake of renewable energy technology for electricity generation has been slow, with most projects being larger scale developments. Although small-scale, the new entrants in this market require financial backing to realise their developments from both capital investment and insurance perspectives, just as the largescale developments do. 2010  
The Profitable Shift to Green Energy Green energy can lead to profits, but only with the right incentives and balance of price, technologies, capital, and operations. Global consumer goods companies following today's energy trends are finding that greening their energy supplies with renewable energy initiatives is good—not only for the world but also for their profits. 2012 new
Energy  - historical data    
Energy Review Quarterly FT-Review on Energy and Utilities  
Energy Statistics Monthly and annual statistics and forecasts 
Minerals and Mining for Canada
Statistical Review of World Energy  The BP Statistical Review of World Energy tells the story of the world's current and historical energy trends. It includes lots of historical data and statistics as well as presentations and interactive tools. TOP
Future Issues and Trends
Forecasting Forecasts on Energy  
Forecasting Keywords The US Energy Information Administration provides various outlooks, arranged by keyword Top
Future Challenges for Refining and Marketing David J. Tippeconnic, Citgo Petroleum Corporation, PDF file 1333 K  
Future of Oil Service Companies Andrew Gould, Schlumberger, PDF file 889 K  
Technology to clean up coal for the post-oil era  During the transition to the solar age an energy gap will have to be filled. The thirst of populous emerging economies for energy and the industrial countries’ sustained need for energy will ensure a further rise in demand. However, it looks as if the supply of oil, and later also natural gas, will not keep pace with this demand. Only by leveraging every possible means will it be possible to compensate the imbalances emerging on the horizon. Coal can change from pariah to paragon of virtue. pdf. 2007   
2003 Fuel Cell Industry Survey The market potential for fuel cell technology and its applications is broad and growing every day. The financial information presented in this survey has been obtained from the annual report of 16 North American publicly traded fuel cell companies for fiscal years ending in 2002. pdf-file. 517 KB  
Beyond the Balance Sheet Creating Shareholder Value in the Electric and Gas Energy Industry   
Coal US Coal Information  
Competitive Landscape for Energy in the 21st Century Charles A. Trabandt, Merrill Lynch & Co., PDF file 34 K  
Crunch Time. Embedding International Financial Reporting Standards in the Oil & Gas and Utilities Industries This is a PricewaterhouseCoopers report which highlights the opportunities, tensions and challenges CFOs will face as they embrace the new standards and embed them into the organisation. 2004  
Energy & Power Risk Management Glossary    
Environmentally Responsible Energy Pricing The purpose of this report is to ascertain the energy prices needed to reflect the environmental costs imposed by energy, thus providing economic incentives for energy usage that will reflect the full social cost. The report develops energy user fees under a variety of assumptions. 1992 pdf  
Focus on Clean Coal This note provides an update on growth in global coal demand, the potential for efficiency
improvements through the application of best practices at coal-fired power stations, and recent
developments in the field of clean coal technologies incorporating carbon dioxide capture and storage. pdf. 2007
IASC's Extractive Industries Issues Paper  The IASC analyzes the major reporting issues for mining and petroleum companies. Pdf-file  
International Energy Agency Provides statistics, publications and general information on the industry  
KPMG's Energy and Natural Resources Review 2002 KPMG's Energy and Natural Resources practice has published an Annual Review for 2002. It was a successful year for the energy and natural resources practice and this review highlights both the successes and challenges faced and provides an overview of activity in each of the energy and natural resources segments - Oil & Gas, Power & Utilities, Forestry and Mining. pdf-file   
mine* enter the dragon Review of global trends in the mining industry in 2004 by PwC.  
Mining PwC-site on the Mining Industry, news and industry surveys  
Mining as a Sustainable Economic Activity Article by David Humphreys;   
Nuclear US Nuclear and Uranium Information  
Power Deals: 2005 Annual Review PwC report on mergers and acquisitions activity within the global electricity and gas market. 2006  
Privatization & Globalization Report on the Privatization and Globalization of Energy Markets  
Small Scale Mining:  ... A Social and Environmental Problem Turned into an Opportunity for Economic Development; article By Armando Zamora  
Statistical Review of World Energy  The BP Statistical Review of World Energy tells the story of the world's current and historical energy trends. It includes lots of historical data and statistics as well as presentations and interactive tools. TOP
Strategic Sourcing Strategic sourcing in the energy and chemicals industry, PDF file 94 K  
Sustaining value in the downturn This article treats the mining industry's response to global downturn, focusing on several ways mining companies have sought to reinvigorate their business strategies, including consolidation, e-business, financial engineering, diversified risk and improving financial reporting. pdf-file. 2002  
The Role of Arbitration...  ... in the Globalization of Energy Markets; article by Thomas Waelde  
Towards a Common European Electricity Market  Paths in the Right Direction . . . still far from an Effective Design. Pdf-file. September 2001  
U.S. Energy Policy during the 1990s Pdf-file  



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