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18 December 2006

Industries - Healthcare 

On this site you will find information about the healthcare industry.
The external links in our web directory will lead you to information about
- trends 
- case studies
- industry data
- management best practices and more
that are specific to the healthcare industry.



European Physicians and the Internet The Internet is a widespread reality for doctors in Germany, France, and Sweden-two of the largest and one of the most Internet-savvy health care markets in Europe. Pdf-file. March 2003  
Glossary Glossary of Terms in Managed Health Care   
Health Regulatory Issues in Provider Risk-Sharing Arrangements  Application of the Stark law and the antikickback statute to managed care arrangements involving provider-owned networks is a "gray" area of the law for which there is little clear guidance.   
Improving healthcare effectiveness Focusing specifically on incentives as a key to effective healthcare, Bain shows how aligning incentives for both consumers and providers could improve care and generate greater savings and value for every healthcare dollar spent. 2007  
IT in Healthcare A simple method for developing a business case to evaluate IT investments in the healthcare industry. 2006  
Managing Electronic Documents What Healthcare REALLY Needs to Know About Managing Electronic Documents  
Privacy and Security Compliance in the E-Healthcare Marketplace  Healthcare managers must educate themselves and their organizations regarding their duty to ensure that the privacy and security of individually identifiable healthcare information is maintained. An important part of this education is preparing to comply with the new proposed regulations regarding the used and disclosure of personally identifiable health information that is or has been in electronic form.  
The Changing Face of Law and Medicine in the New Millennium  Healthcare law at the dawn of the new millennium is at the epicenter of the most critical underlying challenges to the ever evolving, complex, United States healthcare system.   
The Emancipation of the Electronic Medical Record  The Overlooked Feature of the E-Signature Law. The healthcare industry, like other sectors of the economy, is still processing the recent enactment of the "Millennium Digital Commerce Act" known to the public as the electronic signature law.  
Vital Signs: E-Health in the United States BCG's third annual Vital Signs report reveals that e-health is growing more pervasive-and more powerful-among U.S. physicians and patients. Pdf-file. January 2003  



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