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18 December 2006

Industries - Metal & Steel

On this site you will find information about the metal and steel industry.
The external links in our web directory will lead you to information about
- trends 
- case studies
- industry data
- management best practices and more
that are specific to the metal and steel industry.



Aluminum Industry Facts The menu on this site leads to lots of aluminum related information, such as the aluminum can, aluminum in the automotive industry, structural applications, metal supply, international trade, industry statistics and standards TOP
Beyond the Boom: The Outlook for Global Steel Steel is booming. Around the globe, steel companies and their suppliers are enjoying high prices, strong cash flows, and generally healthy profits. The primary engine driving this boom has been China’s voracious appetite for steel. But what will happen when China’s steel capacity significantly outstrips its demand? This report outlines the trends that will shape the industry over the next several years and suggests ways that companies can position themselves to weather the likely changes ahead. pdf. 2007 TOP
Industry Indicators Analyzes and forecasts the economic health of five metal industries: primary metals, steel, copper, primary aluminum, and aluminum mill products  
International Metal News Claims to be the leading source on news, prices, and analysis of the world's metal markets  
Mineral Industry Surveys Mineral Industry Surveys (MIS) are periodic statistical and economic publications designed to provide timely statistical data on production, distribution, stocks, and consumption of significant mineral commodities. from the US Geological Survey  
Mining Terms Glossary  
Steel in the Automotive Industry This site provides lots of information about the use of steel in the automotive industry, e.g. facts sheets, articles, technical information, info on mass reduction, corrosion protection guide etc. TOP
World Steel International Iron and Steel Institute, provides industry statistics and more  
Zincworld International Zinc Association  




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