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Industries - Pharmaceuticals 

On this site you will find information about the pharmaceutical industry.
The external links in our web directory will lead you to information about
- trends 
- case studies
- industry data
- management best practices and more
that are specific to the pharmaceutical industry.


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30 November 2006


Europe's Pharmaceutical Industry An Innovation Profile. This paper maps the recent innovation record of the European pharmaceutical industry vis--vis its US and Japanese counterparts. August 1998  
Gearing up for a global gravity shift - growth, risk and learning in the Asia pharmaceutical market Asia pharmaceutical industry is gearing up to be at the centre of the global market and most pharmaceutical companies in the region expect this shift to happen fast. PwC report. 2007  
Industry Information PwC-site on the Industry, surveys, articles and other information  
Life sciences strategic deal-making trends Successful alliances or partnerships can provide operational, financial, and strategic benefits to each party. Mergers and acquisitions also are an increasingly attractive option for both biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. October 2006  
Marketing Strategies Work By Different Pharmaceutical Companies - A Review This article will present the changing marketing strategies when a pharma company shift from Acute base to Chronic therapy base. This research paper will also give an insight about shift in supply chain process and customer and end-customer perception which is the base of formulation of different marketing strategies.   
Putting Benchmarking into Pharmaceutical Practice New Benchmarking models are not necessarily the way to superior performance  
Rewriting the rules - Are today's integrated business models right for tomorrow? The report questions the historic logic of in-house versus in-licensed products when related to new cash and value perspectives, questioning the one-model-fits-all blockbuster business design. Pdf-file 0.2 MB, 2003  
The Euro and Pharmaceutical Pricing in Europe    
The European pharmaceutical industry: Delivering sales excellence in turbulent times A roadmap for getting the basics right and exploring the future. This study highlights the challenges and opportunities that arise from recent developments. It gives pharmaceutical companies a platform from which to review their own sales models.   
The Global Pharmaceutical Industry The case looks at the development of the ethical pharmaceutical industry. The various forces affecting the discovery, development, production, distribution and marketing of prescription drugs are discussed in terms of their origins and recent developments. Readers are then invited to consider trends for the future. pdf-file 2004  
Thinking Beyond the Next Blockbuster Once the envy of other industries, pharmaceutical companies now face mounting pressure and challenges that cannot be solved with time-honored strategies or proven formulas. To succeed in this new marketplace, Big Pharma could learn a thing or two from other industry shake-ups.
US Prescriptions List of the Top 200 US Prescriptions  
Where are the next profit zones in pharmaceuticals? Mercer research indicates that not all pharmaceutical firms will continue to be successful using the `blockbuster' profit model, given the constraints inherent in several fields of competition that are starting to change the landscape. Instead, players must start crafting far more differentiated strategies. pdf file  



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