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Industries - Retail 

On this site you will find information about the retail industry.
The external links in our web directory will lead you to information about
- trends 
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- management best practices and more
that are specific to the retail industry.


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13 February 2007

11 Ways To Make A Difference For Retailers Strategic sourcing, category opportunity analysis and critical decisions in the buying process are just three of the ways that retailers are using to make a difference. This leaflet by A.T. Kearney analyzes these processes and offers retailers ways to increase growth and profitability in the face of intensifying competition and more discerning customers. pdf-file  
Achieving Excellence in Retail Operations (AERO) Study The Achieving Excellence in Retail (AERO) Study 2010 examines what retailers are already doing well, and identifies considerable opportunities for sharpening their tools to achieve peak performance and lasting results.   
Big Impact in a Small Format - A New Wave in Retail The "next big thing" in retailing isn't going to be big at all—it's going to be small. After years of hype about "big-box" retailing, we see an increasing number of small-format success stories around the world. 2007  
Can Department Stores Stage a Comeback? Traditional department stores are caught in the middle. Once thriving and profitable, many are struggling to compete with hard discounters and high-end specialty shops. So far, these new competitors seem to be winning, with industry analysts ready to sing department stores’ swan song. After years of teetering on the brink, are department stores doomed to obscurity? Or are they poised for a surprise comeback?  
Consumer Shopping and Spending Across Retail Formats The authors present an empirical study of household shopping and packaged goods spending across retail formats — grocery stores, mass merchandisers, and drug stores. The study considers competition between these formats and explores how retailer assortment, pricing and promotional policies, as well as household demographics, affect shopping behavior and expenditures in these different formats. pdf-file 2002  
Customer Loyalty Every one wants loyal customers (they are very profitable) and every one is developing programs to get and keep them. But, it has to be more than just a card. Pdf-file  
Discount Stores International Comparative Analysis of Customer Satisfaction with Discount Stores. Pdf-file  
Finessing the Discount Price Challenge The rise of discounters has pinched margins and threatened the business model of many traditional retailers. There are ways to fight back, however, ranging from improving consumers’ perception of a store's value to optimizing prices on the products that really matter. pdf-file  
Global Sourcing: Shifting Strategies According to this survey, the practice of global sourcing in the retail and consumer sector is thriving, but many companies are not particularly clear on their cost savings or confident of product safety and other key risks. Cost is still the primary driver of global sourcing decisions. 2008  
Growing beyond your core in retail US retailers looking to enter adjacent businesses should follow three principles to increase their chances of success: First, look for new businesses that are close to the retailer's core business; second, concentrate on markets with larger margins; and third, estimate the potential for growth in that market. pdf-file 2006  
Information Technology in Retailing Retailers, historically diffident about information technology, now rely on it in a search for profit breakthroughs.  
Learn to Expect the Unexpected in Global Retail Expansion Taking a proven retail model and exporting it to a new country, often with a new set of competitors, a different language and culture, and unique shopper expectations requires more than just market research before entry.   
Private Label Why the Private Label Is One of the Few Brands to Show Consistent Long-Term Growth in Market Share. Pdf-file  
Reality Retailing in a Zero-Sum Game Profit Growth Through Pricing and Value Engineering. Retailing today is plagued by a glut of stores and products, with declining consumer confidence. But retailers who craft powerful value propositions will find that there's still money to be made. Pdf-file 500 KB  
Retail Industry Perspectives for 2011 From booz&co. We believe the new year will be similar to the last and the economy will probably continue on a slow, tenuous growth path.   
Retail Models and Strategies for Turbulent Times A document that explores the need for retailers and suppliers to rethink their business strategies. New competitors and new channels require a new distribution strategy, and the ever demanding customer wants clear solutions to their needs. Pdf-file  
Retailing's Next Frontier: The Efficient Consumer Retailers have always focused on productivity, their own. It is time they started focusing on the customer's. pdf-file. February 1999  
Selling the World on Modern Retail As more foreign retailers enter emerging markets, what is their real impact? On one hand, modern retail increases productivity and reduces prices. On the other, it displaces workers and puts local stores out of business. Does the truth fall somewhere in the middle?  
Shelf-Space Profitability - The Missing Metric If retailers and manufacturers had an objective and easily duplicated metric for shelf-space profitability, they could craft better decisions about which products to stock and how to best make use of all that space. pdf. 2007  
The 2003 Global Retail Development Index: Emerging Market Priorities for Food Retailers To help retailers maximize their return on international expansion, A.T. Kearney has conducted research on which emerging countries represent the best opportunities and what actions foster success. Pdf-file  
The 2004 Global Retail Development Index: Emerging Market Priorities for Global Retailers  This annual survey ranks emerging countries based on four key variables: country risk, market attractiveness, market saturation and time pressure. Pdf-file 2004  
The 2005 Global Retail Development Index For the past four years, A.T. Kearney has published the Global Retail Development Index (GRDI), a survey to help retailers prioritize their global development strategies. The index ranks 30 emerging countries based on more than 25 macroeconomic and retail-specific variables  
The 2006 Global Retail Development Index As the pace of globalization quickens so does the race into new markets—with the promise of large, wealthy emerging markets too attractive to ignore. But success in this race does not necessarily go to the swiftest.   
The 2007 Global Retail Development Index Now in its sixth year, the GRDI identifies windows of opportunity to help retailers make strategic investments in exciting new markets. 2007  
The 2008 Global Retail Development Index Vietnam has ended India's three-year reign as the most attractive emerging market destination for retail investment according to the seventh annual Global Retail Development Index™ (GRDI), a study of retail investment attractiveness among 30 emerging markets.  
The 2009 Global Retail Development Index A Game-Changing Year for Global Retailers. The economic crisis might have slowed growth and incomes for retailers in some markets, but there are still places where wealth and spending are strong and resources are accessible. Find out more in A.T. Kearney's Global Retail Development Index™.   
The 2010 Global Retail Development Index Expanding Opportunities for Global Retailers. While the world’s biggest developed economies slowly resume their growth trajectories, developing economies in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East appear poised for remarkable growth. Pdf 2010  
The 2011 Global Retail Development Index Retail Global Expansion: A Portfolio of Opportunities. This year’s GRDI reflects the dramatic changes in the global economy and their very different impact on different developing markets. The A.T. Kearney Global Retail Development Index (GRDI)™ ranks the top 30 emerging countries for retail development and identifies windows of opportunity for global retailers to invest in developing markets.  
The 2012 A.T. Kearney Global Retail Development Index TM Global Retail Expansion: Keeps On Moving. Global retail is finally growing into its name and becoming "global." While the largest developing markets continue to attract most leading retailers, a handful of smaller untapped countries are getting a second look.   
The 2013 A.T. Kearney Global Retail Development Index TM Global Retailers: Cautiously Aggressive or Aggressively Cautious? Retailers are taking a step back from rapid expansion
strategies as they move into developing markets. A.T. Kearney’s Global Retail Development IndexTM (GRDI) has guided global retailers with their strategic investments for more than a dozen years, and the 2013 Index reflects some important changes to the retail environment.
Tomorrow's Hot Retail Concepts This paper discusses trends and drivers in the retail industry. Pdf-file  
U-Channel Retail - “Ubiquitous, Universal and Unique” Tomorrow’s customer wants to complete purchases when they want and where they want – and rapidly evolving mobile and online sales platforms enable this. In response, retailers are adapting their business models and we are seeing the appearance of U-channel retailing. 2012  
What Traditional Retailers Can Learn from the Discounters The secret is in lean supply chains. This trend is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.   
Yield Management in Retail: The Application of Advanced Mathematics to the Retail Pricing Dilemma. In the retail world, stiff competition and valuedriven consumers have created an environment in which many players now rely heavily on markdowns and promotions to drive sales. Such “me-too” price-cutting, while necessary in some circumstances to remain competitive, can reap havoc on a retailer’s bottom-line. pdf-file  



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