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Industries - Energy and Mining - Renewable Energy / Alternative Energies

Study of Renewable Energy Project Risk Factors Influencing the Insurance Industry Until recently, the uptake of renewable energy technology for electricity generation has been slow, with most projects being larger scale developments. Although small-scale, the new entrants in this market require financial backing to realise their developments from both capital investment and insurance perspectives, just as the largescale developments do. Unfortunately, the financial services industry has limited experience and understanding of renewable energy projects and their associated risk factors. This project summarises the technical risk factors pertaining to the renewable technologies of most interest to new sector entrants.
By considering the nature of the renewable resource being used by each technology and examining both the commercially available and prototype device technology, it is possible to realise the technology specific risk factors, as well as the more generic technical issues common across technologies during construction and operational phases of a development. pdf 2010






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