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Chem - Free Chemistry Software Large list of free available chemistry software.
Chem - Information Retrieval in Chemistry Very large index for experts.
Chem - Rolf Claessen’s Chemistry Index Large collection of Web-Resources for chemists
ChemFinder large database. By enter name, formula or molecular weight you can search for chemical substance free plug in or java-applet can show illustrate the structure.
General - Encyclopedia Britannica The current version of the 32 books encyclopedia, Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary and a very well structured Online-catalogue are completely free access able.
General - Concise Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia with 14 000 articles without any additional multi media articles,  release 1995.
General -
Knowledge portal with access to 57 000 articles of Columbia Encyclopedia plus Random House Webster's College Dictionary and additional almanacs about different topics (e.g. countries, sports, politics, entertainment).
General - 29 books of an encyclopedia (including over 3000 illustrations, sound files and  animations) plus Random House Webster's College Dictionary and a Reuters news service. A free fee registration is requested.
General - Microsoft Encarta Concise Reduced version of MS CD-ROM-Version, with a content of 16.000 articles
Math - Eric Weisstein’s World of Mathematics By Mathematica-producer Wolfram Research supported encyclopedia of mathematics, researchable through different type of indices
Math - MacTutor History of Mathematics Large table for the history of mathematics
Math - The Math Forum well structured archives of mathematical resources
Math Archives large and researchable catalogue about mathematical issues (plus a very good database of software)
MathsNet a collection of interactive tools and riddles Some programs are offered for a download.
Med - Online Medical and Science Dictionaries List of medical online resources and dictionaries
Med - U.S. National Library of Medicine Online-Access to the databases MEDLINE and MEDLINEplus
PC - Dictionary of Algorithms, Data Structures and Problems Lexicon of algorithms, data structure and typical problems of information technology
PC - FOLDOC Free Online Dictionary of Computing explains over 12 000 terms
PC Webopedia Large encyclopedia of computers plus links
PhysicsWeb Links Large collection of physical Online-Resources
PhysLink Portal for physics and engineer sciences
World - Encyclopedia of the Orient Large encyclopedia of North Africa and the Middle East. Many data and facts about the geography, history, religions and language. Very easy to use structure.

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