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Miscellaneous Legal Information
Environmental Law (US)
Corporate Law
IMPORTANT NOTICE: The materials included in this Web Site are intended for general information purposes only and are not intended to provide, and do not constitute, legal advice. Persons who need legal services should contact a duly licensed professional.


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Miscellaneous Legal Information
Copyright Law (US)
Duhaime’s Law Dictionary law dictionary for Anglo-Saxon countries (USA, Canada, Commonwealth).
European Environmental Law Provides treaties, legislation, case law, documents This is a database of free legal forms for various purposes. They also provide 'premium forms' that cost a bit, but are more comprehensive and are available in different versions for various states
Hiring a Lawyer II FAQs
HR questions Attorneys from a New York labor & employment law firm answer HR legal questions, archive and chance to ask own questions
International cartels Corporate leniency applications. Pdf-file 2003
International Legal Guides Guides to Doing Business for various countries of the world TOP
Introduction to Laws and Regulation (US) Basic description of how laws and regulations come to be, what they are, and where to find them, with an emphasis on environmental laws and regulations TOP
Legal Forms Archive
Natural Resource Law The exception from our rule: this site provides an extensive list of links to resources on environmental, real estate, agricultural and landuse law
Securities Lawyer's Deskbook The Securities Lawyer's Deskbook contains the full text of the basic federal securities laws and regulations, as well as the principal Securities and Exchange Commission forms under those laws and regulations.
Service Level Agreements: A Better Mousetrap When it comes to catching your supplier in the maze of service level agreement strategies, is there a better mousetrap? We believe that there is, and we have put such a Performance Decrements model in place in a mid-size regional medical center in the Pacific Northwest. 2005
The Economic Espionage Act of 1996 Full text. Pdf-file
US Constitution
US State Code
Environmental Law (US)
Air and Radiation Regulations
Clean Air Act Plain English guide to -
Food Quality Protection Act This web site provides background information on FQPA's provisions and discusses some of the specific issues raised by FQPA, as well as status of implementation of this law
Ground and Drinking Water Regulations and Guidance
Major Environmental Laws List with links to full text versions and (partly) summaries
Pesticides Regulatory and legislative information
Pollution and Toxics Regulations and Guidance
Safe Drinking Water Act Report on history and trends
Waste Laws, regulations, and policies
Corporate Law
Choosing the Best Structure for Your Business Briefly introduces the basic types of businesses with their advantages and disadvantages
Company Type Abbreviations This glossary lists and defines international security identifiers such as CUSIP and company "extensions" such as "GmbH". TOP
Comparison of Entity Structures Comparison charts for various entity types like limited partnership and LLC TOP
Corporate Criminal Liability History, Scope and Future Directions
Legal Structures Information about and Comparison of Different Legal Structures
LLC Litigation Issues I Introduction
LLC Litigation Issues II Types of LLC Lawsuits
Structuring Corporate Buy-Sell Agreements - Securing a Future for Closely Held Corporations
Within a closely held corporation, shareholders are often concerned about what might occur if one of the owners dies. Will the deceased shareholder’s family retain the economic value of the corporate interest? Can the surviving owners avoid interference from the deceased shareholder’s family? Will the survivors have the economic resources to redeem the deceased owner’s interest? Given these concerns, corporate owners are best served by entering into a buy-sell agreement while they are all alive. 2004
Asset Sales in Bankruptcy Sale of Substantially All of a Chapter 11 Debtor's Assets Pursuant to 11 U.S.C. § 363
Bankruptcy in Brief An informational road map to personal and business bankruptcy law
Bankruptcy Issues for the Business Lawyer An Overview. These materials will focus on formal bankruptcy proceedings under Chapters 7, 11 and 13 of the Bankruptcy Code. Pdf-file. January 2003
Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure
Globalization Globalization’s Impact on Insolvency Law and the Restructuring Industry. 2004
Hidden Liens Who is entitled to what?
International Bankruptcy Laws Directory of International Bankruptcy Laws (in English) on the Internet
Mechanic's Lien Provides Opportunity for Payment Those who contribute labor or materials to construction projects have special lien rights peculiar to the industry. In the proper circumstances contractors, subcontractors and suppliers have the right to a mechanic's lien -- a security interest in the real property under improvement. If the lien claimant is not paid, the mechanic's lien can be foreclosed, thereby securing payment.
Spanning the Globe The Intended Extraterritorial Reach of the Bankruptcy Code. 2002
The Trade Creditor, Bankruptcy, and the Automatic Stay Four Things Unsecured Trade Creditors Can Do When Collection Efforts Are Automatically Stayed
Trading Claims in Bancruptcy Debtor Issues. 2002
US Bancruptcy Code
When Is Your "Debt" Claim Not A Debt Claim? Traditionally, bankruptcy law honored the basic axiom that debt should be paid before equity. Recent cases have spawned a new corollary which “recharacterizes” debt as equity in certain circumstances. Pdf-file. November 2003


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