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IMPORTANT NOTICE: The materials included in this Web Site are intended for general information purposes only and are not intended to provide, and do not constitute, legal advice. Persons who need legal services should contact a duly licensed professional.


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Copyright for Computer Authors The importance of copyright registration and notice, works for hire, deposit requirements, registration of multiple works, the need for counsel in licensing and other matters of interest to computer artists, authors and programmers.
Copyright Forms Example copyright forms as pdf files for download
Copyright Information Compilation of Circulars and Facts Sheets, provided by the US Copyright Office
Copyright Law ...and Related Laws Contained in Title 17 of the United States Code, available in html and text format
Copyright Law II New/Pending Legislation
Copyright law materials Copyright Act, Copyright Regulations, Copyright Decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court (since May 1990)
Copyright Notice Basics Focus on copyright notices on websites; how to build your own copyright notice, how long it lasts, etc.
Software Copyrights Is Copyrighting Software Sufficient Protection?
What is Copyright? A good introduction. What is the right to copy. Who owns it? How long does it last? Are copyright notice and registration necessary? When is copyright infringed? Limitations on copyrights  TOP
When Copyrights Expire Professor Gasaway's helpful table shows when works go into the public domain based on, for example, when they were first fixed in a tangible medium or published.
Who Owns "Your" Software? Example scenarios, seven rules of ownership, applying the rules of ownership
"Business Method" Patents eBoom or eBust? “Business Method” Patents and the Future of Dotcommerce
"Business Method" Patents II White Paper Outlines USPTO’s Strategy for Examining Business Method Patents
Deciding Whether To Patent Your New Product Your company has just developed a new product concept. You want to corner the market and prevent counterfeits from being sold. What is the best protection for your concept? When should your company consider patent protection?
Design Patents Brief overview, US law
Enforcing Patent Rights The decision to sue an infringer should only be made after carefully balancing the advantages and disadvantages of suing the infringer.
European Community Patents Ladas & Parry Guide to Protecting Trademarks in Europe
General Information Concerning Patents Compilation of documents, covers everything form patent law and what can be patented to patent research and detail of patent application (US) TOP
Getting a Patent without a Lawyer A plain English guide to obtaining a patent without hiring a lawyer
Guide to European Patent Office Practice Provided by the Commercial Law Firm Ladas & Parry
International Patents Important common factors that should be considered when contemplating international patent protection
Patent and Trade Secret Are They Mutually Exclusive? Not If You Do It Right
Patent Requirements According to Section 101 of the U.S. Patent Act
Plant Patents This publication provides a basic and understandable overview of plant patents.
Promulgating Requirements for Admission to Prosecute Patent Applications Among federal agencies, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is unique in its ability to require attorneys to pass an examination before practicing before it in patent cases. This article is critical of its approach.
Protecting Inventions Internationally International protection of an invention has many pitfalls.
Proving Patent Damages to a Jury While most practitioners are well aware of the basic law relating to patent damages, there is a good deal less understanding of how to practically translate evidence into an effective damages case or defense for a jury. Accordingly, the following paper attempts to provide some insight into how that can be done
Software Patents in Europe and Japan Protection of Software-related Inventions in Europe and Japan
US Patent Act The U.S. Patent Act is found in Title 35 of the U.S. Code and contains the federal statutes governing patent law in the United States. This version of the Patent Act was updated in March 2000. This index contains links to each of the sections of the Patent Act found in Title 35.
What Are Patents, Trademarks, Servicemarks, and Copyrights? Short definitions
Choosing and Using Trademarks and Servicemarks
Trademarks Basic facts about trademarks (US); TOP
Trademarks and how to Use Them Types of trademarks, strengths, unregistrable trademarks, selection, proper usage, registration etc.
US Trademark Law Rules of Practice & Federal Statutes
US Trademark Registrations About the process and the information needed
Using and Protecting Trademarks How to Safeguard a Valuable Intangible Asset. 2003
American Inventor's Protection Act Homepage of the AIPA; full text and overview of the legislation, rule changes that have been published to implement the AIPA, fact sheets, forms and more
Avoiding Intellectual Property Problems An overview on problems to avoid
Intellectual Property Due Diligence for the Buyer or Seller of a Business
Intellectual Property Litigation in Japan Recent developments (2000)
Internet Intellectual Property Checklist
Key Differences In IPO Underwriting Agreements In Britain And America Compares typical IPO underwriting agreements in Great Britain and the US. Identifies six key areas in which the forms of agreement differ noticeably, despite the two countries’ strong similarities in legal background and the trend toward convergence. Concludes that the differences will not succumb to homogenization in the near future. 2004
Protecting Licensed Intellectual Property in Bankruptcy
Protecting Product Designs ... Through Patents, Trademarks and Trade Dress; article by Emerson V. Briggs, III; about the decision how to best protect your design invention
Protecting your Trade Secrets A Guide To Preserving Intellectual Capital
Trade Secrets/Know-How and Hybrid Licenses Technical assets are not always protected by just one form of property. Indeed, the trend is towards license packages that include a mix of rights. Most frequently in the technology industries, these "hybrid" licenses combine trade secrets (or "know-how") and patents.
Trial Products and Services The importance of agreements for trial products and services.

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