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The Reengineering Handbook: A Step-By-Step Guide to Business Transformation
by Raymond L. Manganelli, Mark M. Klein

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10 December 2006

10 Principles for making Business Process Re-engineering a success    
A Study of Business Process Reengineering This article introduces the Business Process Re-engineering, based on extensive references to the book "Reengineering the Corporation" by Hammer and Champy. It will draw out some questions about the absolute benefits of reengineering. At the end, the enabling role of information technology will be discussed.  
BPR - A Consolidated Methodology Business Process Reengineering is a discipline in which extensive research has been carried out and numerous methodologies churned out. But what seems to be lacking is a structured approach. In this paper we provide a review of BPR and present ‘best of breed ‘ methodologies from contemporary literature and introduce a consolidated, systematic approach to the redesign of a business enterprise. pdf-file  
Business Process Reengineering Analysis and Recommendations This paper explores the principles and assumptions behind reengineering, looks for common factors behind its successes or failures, examines case studies, and presents alternatives to "classical" reengineering theory. In conclusion, the paper offers some specific recommendations regarding reengineering. Pdf-file 1995  
Framework A framework of the Business Process Reengineering elements
Overview provides an excellent overview about key concepts regarding BPR, Processes, Myths about BPR, Relation between BPR and information technology, Role of IS function in BPR, BPR Methodology, Failure of BPR Projects, and Future of BPR TOP
The Roots of BPR Article by Paul Strassmann
BPR in Different Contexts
Activity Based Costing and BPR ABC: What is it and how can reengineering teams use it? This article will provide some insight into ABC and its relevance to reengineering.  
BPR & Business Transformation The Re-engineering Route to Business Transformation, Article by Mike Dale, 1993; Reengineering activity is a transformational change, framework for managing this reengineering transformation  
Business Process Reengineering and Software Systems Strategy Business process reengineering has become a viable way of implementing lean structures. Since information systems are corner stones in supporting the redesign of business processes, there is a need for analysis of the existing software asset's possible role. This paper intents to convey an integral view, based on both strategic needs, as well as on technological needs at the operational level. pdf-file   
Knowledge Management and Collaboration in BPR The purpose of this paper is to map the use of collaborative tools within the BPR process that will result in faster, better and cheaper solutions at each stage of the effort  
Re-engineering of Business Processes in Multinational Corporations The article starts with the discussion of the management of ongoing business processes in multinational corporations and reports empirical findings about the role of coordination mechanisms and information technology as dependent on the character of business processes.   

Miscellaneous Articles and Information

A Consolidated Methodology In this paper we provide a review of BPR and present ‘best of breed ‘ methodologies from contemporary literature and introduce a consolidated, systematic approach to the redesign of a business enterprise. The methodology includes the five activities: Prepare for reengineering, Map and Analyze As-Is process, Design To-be process, Implement reengineered process and Improve continuously. pdf-file  
Avoiding a Fools Mission Interaction across departments is crucial to ensure that all interests are represented  
Barriers to Reengineering Success This report defines hard and soft (people) barriers and traces these to their underlying causes. A framework is presented, which helps to manage barriers during the course of a Business Reengineering project. By Wolf D. Schumacher TOP
Business Case I - Friend or Foe? This article will address the role a business case has in the reengineering effort, and help your team put the business case into it's proper perspective   
Business Case II - Essential Elements This article will summarize the critical sections in a business case.   
Business Process Reengineering, The Creation and Implementation of a Methodology This paper discusses the development of a specific methodology for BPR. The practical application of this methodology in an actual BPR project in one organisation is discussed and some of the findings and lessons learned from the project are presented. pdf-file  
Business Processes: From Reengineering to Management A brief history lesson on why "reengineering" was such a hit a decade ago— and why it's so last-millenium thinking now.   
Delivering Results: Evolving BPR from Art to Engineering This chapter presents an approach to BPR that is focused on achieving results from the first stages to implementation. The engineering approach presented utilizes an integrated set of methods applied incrementally. Pdf-file  
Engaging Top Management The role of executive leadership in BPR; most important contributions, level of sponsor support, top 10 mistakes  
Goal-Oriented Patterns for Business Processes Organizations of today are becoming ever more focused on their business processes. This has resulted in an increasing interest in business process patterns, which can be used in order to understand where from one can adopt best practices, or how to build computer systems supporting business processes. pdf-file  
IDEF Family of Methods IDEF Family of Methods for Concurrent Engineering and Business Re-engineering Applications. Pdf-file  
Measure of Business Process Orientation The Development of a Measure of Business Process Orientation and the Relationship to Organizational Performance  
Reengineering Projects and Collaboration Tools What are they and how are they used? To expedite information sharing and to accelerate decision making, teams are using new tools. This tutorial presents an overview of what these tools are and how they are being used  
Reengineering Success Factors Success factors  derived from benchmarking studies with more than 150 companies over a 24 month period  
Selecting the Right Team Having the right core team can make or break a project. The elements to consider include: overall team composition, team selection criteria, team size, process for selecting team members   
The BPR Strike Force Designing a pilot project is the best way to launch business process reengineering. In today's climate, the result has to be flexible and pay off quickly.   
The Economic Benefits of Business Process Management Barry Murphy, an analyst with the Delphi Group, expects “a market explosion” for Business Process Management (BPM) solutions. He notes that more than 70 percent of companies are deploying or evaluating BPM solutions within the next year. “Today, we are just scratching the surface,” he said. pdf-file  
The need for a methodology to re-vision the organization pdf-file  
Using an Object-Oriented Methodology Called TAD in Business Process Reengineering TAD methodology consists of six phases and uses several tables to represent the real world of the enterprise. pdf-file. 2003  
Why Reengineering Fails An article on where reengineering falls short of the mark of organizational transformation. Pdf-file  



Business Process Management: Practical Guidelines to Successful Implementations
by John Jeston, Johan Nelis
This book rovides organizational leadership with an understanding of Business Process Management and its benefits to an organization. This book also gives Business Process Management practitioners a framework and a set of tools and techniques that provide a practical guide to successfully implementing Business Process Management projects and provides a holistic approach and the necessary details to deliver a Business Process Management project.
more about this book

Quick Hits: 10 Key Surgical Strike Actions to Improve Business Process Performance
by Kelvin F. Cross
Kelvin F. Cross proposes that results can be achieved much more easily by going in and performing "surgical strikes" on specific areas that need improvement, without turning the entire thing into a "science project." And now his method is available for anyone seeking to streamline process structures.
more about this book

Electronic Paper
The Relation Between BPR and ERP Systems: A Failed Project [DOWNLOAD: PDF]
by David Paper (Author), Kenneth B. Tingey (Author), Wai Mok (Author)

Quick Hits: 10 Key Surgical Strike Actions to Improve Business Process Performance
by Kelvin F. Cross
Improving business processes, whatever or wherever they are in the enterprise, is an acknowledged way of improving the bottom line. Whether it's re-engineering, Six Sigma, TQM, or any number of other techniques, the problem is that it's usually such a huge undertaking that it's more work than it's worth. Kelvin F. Cross proposes that results can be achieved much more easily by going in and performing "surgical strikes" on specific areas that need improvement, without turning the entire thing into a "science project."

Process Redesign : The Implementation Guide for Managers (Engineering Process Improvement Series) 
by Arthur R. Tenner, Irving J. Detoro (Contributor)
Comprehensive in scope, this book integrates three major approaches to process redesign--benchmarking, continuous improvement, and reengineering--showing how to combine the three for maximum effectiveness. Numerous examples from different industries demonstrate concepts and techniques in action and illustrate common mistakes.

Business Process Improvement Workbook: Documentation, Analysis, Design, and Management of Business Process Improvement 
by H. James Harrington, Erik K. C. Esseling (Contributor), Harm Van Nimwegen, Van Nimwegen
This book is a hands-on implementation guide. It focuses on upgrading information distribution paths to optimize the many processes with which they come in contact. Filled with lists, charts, and appendices, this workbook tells how to document a company's processes, analyze current effectiveness, design new processes, use system enablers, and much more.



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