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Management - Risk Management in Financial Services Organizations

This site compiles links to articles and other pieces of information about the specific issues of risk management in financial services organizations. Banks, insurance companies and similar providers of financial services have to manage very specific risks. One of them is credit risk, for which we have compiled some interesting links.

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Risk Management in
Financial Services Organisations
Value at Risk
Credit Risk General Information on Risk Management


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Risk Management in Financial Services Organizations

Applying Proactive Market Risk Management  Presents some high level observations on proactive market risk management and asset-liability management (ALM) at capital markets entities, banks, and insurance companies; article by Lang Gibson   
Calculated Risk:  How banks make sure they stay off the Barings path; article by Neil Hereford, doc file 32 K  
Credit Derivatives: How much should they cost? Jessica James describes the challenge facing banks today  
Equity Risk - Introduction Trading strategies for equity derivatives are adapting to the integration of European markets, the long equity bull run and fears about the millennium bug. Lisa Cooper investigates    
Financial Services rethinking risk Striking the right balance in risk-management and capital-allocation decisions.  
Insurance Risk Online articles of a supplement that originally appeared with the July 2000 issue of Risk magazine  
Marrying Risk and Strategy to Create Value An appreciation of risk, when joined with a strategic outlook, can expand a bank's option for creating advantage.  
Principles for the management of interest rate risk  This document consists of specific agreed principles that supervisory authorities will consider in evaluating banks' management of interest rate risk. Basel Committee Publications No. 29 (September 1997). Pdf-file 174 KB  
Risk Concentration Principles This paper outlines principles for banking, securities and insurance supervisors for ensuring through the regulatory and supervisory process, the prudent management and control of (1) risk concentrations (RCs) and (2) intra-group transactions and exposures (ITEs).   
Risk Management in Diversified Financial Organizations This paper develops a high-level risk management framework for evaluating the risk modeling and evaluation process in a financial enterprise that markets several heterogeneous products lines.  
Risk Management Strategies for Banks We analyze optimal risk management strategies of a bank financed with deposits and equity in a one-period model. Pdf-file 2002  
Risk Measurement Within Financial Conglomerates Best Practice By Risk Type. Aim of the paper is to achieve a common risk language for the various stakeholders in financial conglomerates, each having their specific background. Pdf-file 2003  
Seven Tenets of Risk Management in the Banking Industry A return to managing risk—not ignoring them or believing they can be passed off—is the cure for the troubled economy.  
Using Loan Rates to Measure and Regulate Bank Risk: Findings and an Immodest Proposal There is strong evidence that the interest rates charged by banks on the flow of newly extended Commercial & Industrial (C&I) loans predict future loan performance and CAMEL rating downgrades by bank supervisors. Pdf-file 2003  


Credit Risk
Credit Risk Modeling Current Practices and Applications, executive summary, download version available  
Global Business Cycles and Credit Risk The potential for portfolio diversification is driven broadly by two characteristics: the degree to which systematic risk factors are correlated with each other and the degree of dependence individual firms have to the different types of risk factors. Pdf-file. 2005  
Measuring portfolio credit risk correctly: why parameter uncertainty matters Why should risk management systems account for parameter uncertainty? In order to answer this question, this paper lets an investor in a credit portfolio face non-diversifiable estimation-driven uncertainty about two parameters: probability of default and asset-return correlation.   
Principles for the Management of Credit Risk Abstract, download version available  
Putting together the credit puzzle Despite great strides forward in credit risk management, many underlying issues are still not well understood – difficulties that are being thrown into sharper relief by discussions about the proposed new Basel Accord. Jörg Behrens explains.  




The Fundamentals of Risk Measurement
by Christopher Marrison
The Fundamentals of Risk Measurement introduces the state-of-the-art tools and practices necessary for planning, executing, and maintaining risk management in today’s volatile financial environment.

Risk Management
by Michel Crouhy, Robert Mark, Dan Galai
Managing Risk provides a comprehensive description and analysis of modern risk management, including the regulatory aspects, organizational issues, potential problem areas, and tools to control and manage the many different kinds of risks: market risk, credit risk, and operational risk. It also discusses: structuring and managing the risk management function in a firm; practical measurement issues in the field; risk management in both financial and non-financial institutions.

Financial Risk Management: A Practitioner's Guide to Managing Market and Credit Risk (with CD-ROM)
by Steve L. Allen
This complete guide covers the strategies, principles, and measurement techniques necessary to measure and manage financial risk. With a focus on management perspective, this book explores real-world issues such as model validation, risk measurement, valuation methodologies, and much more. Self-contained Excel spreadsheets are included on the companion CD-ROM.

The Essentials of Risk Management
by Michel Crouhy, Dan Galai, Robert Mark
 The Essentials of Risk Management is the first book to make even the most sophisticated risk management approaches simultaneously accessible to both risk and non risk professionals.




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