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28 December 2006

A Leg Up On Mass Customization Software enables Lands' End customers to be particular about their pants.   
Build-to-order supply chain management: a literature review and framework for development The build-to-order supply chain management (BOSC) strategy has recently attracted the attention of both researchers and practitioners, given its successful implementation in many companies including Dell computers, Compaq, and BMW. The objective of a BOSC strategy is to meet the requirements of individual customers by leveraging the advantages of outsourcing and information technology. pdf  
Customisation for Free? The Impact of Mass Customisation on Manufacturing Trade-offs Management literature has suggested that the advent of mass customisation marks the end for trade-offs between customisation and other competitive priorities. However, evidence supporting this proposition is anecdotal. This paper examines the impact of product customisation on four competitive priorities. pdf-file. 2006  
Customizing for the Masses Digital technology lets you order exactly what you want   
Does mass customization pay? An economic approach to evaluate customer integration. The paper provides an integrated view of value creation in mass customization-based production models.   
Does mass customization pay? An economic approach to evaluate customer integration The paper provides an integrated view of value creation in mass customization-based production models. By examining and structuring the economic principles of mass customization the paper will give insights into the benefits, but also the constraints of a mass customization strategy. 2004  
Example: Dell's Make-to-Order System Dell's Make-To-Order System Leaves Competitors In The Dust   
Flexible Mass Customisation Managing its information logistics using adaptive co-operative mutiagent systems. pdf-file  
Implementing Mass Customisation Strategy to Enhance Customer Value Findings from e-business research of Finnish metal and electronics companies. pdf-file  
Information as a Critical Success Factor for Mass Customization Or: Why Even a Customized Shoe Not Always Fits. While the competitive advantage of mass customization has been widely substantiated in management theory, a deficit exists in the empirical examination.   
Itinerary to Mass Customization This articles sees Mass Customization as a possible end point with a number of stages in the journey, and like all itineraries, it should be possible to join the journey from where ever you happen to be to-day. This incremental, low risk approach allows a company to sense, lead and retain their existing customer base.   
Mass Customisation of Services: Benefits and Challenges of Configurable Services This papers aim is to take a small step towards filling the literature gap on mass customisation, configurable products, and configurators in service settings. pdf-file  
Mass Customization in the Hospitality Industry Concepts and applications  
Mass Customizi-Who?  What Dell, Nike & Others Have in Store for You  
Overcoming Mass Confusion: Collaborative Customer Co-Design in Online Communities When acting as co-designers, customers face new uncertainties and risks, coined "mass confusion" in this article. The authors challenge the assumption made by most mass customization researchers that offering customized products requires an individual (one-to-one) relationship between customer and supplier. 2006  
Product Configurators Key Enablers for Mass Customization. This special report describes current status and identifies trends for companies anticipating using configurators. Pdf-file (August 2000)  
Some Definitions For mass customization and related terms: Open Innovation, Customer Integration, Personalization  
Spontaneous Build-to-Order Spontaneous Build-to-Order is the capability to quickly build standard or mass-customized products upon receipt of spontaneous orders without forecasts, inventory, or purchasing delays.  
The Challenge of Customization: Bringing Operations and Marketing Together Customers want more customized, personalized products and services, but companies struggle to cost-effectively deliver them. Improving communication and coordination between operations and sales and marketing is one critical path to profitable customization. 2004  
The Proactive Management of Variety This article explains the spectrum of mass customization and how it works  






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