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28 December 2006

"Home-Grown" CEO One key to superior long-term financial performance is managing leadership succession.   
10 Steps to effective succession Planning    
A Role-Specific Perspective on Managerial Succession: The Case of New CFO Origin We propose that the selection of outside successors may be contingent on the succession context and on the type of managerial role. We postulate that transferability of CFO-specific skills across firms and industries reduces impediments to selecting successors from outside the firm and industry.  new
Business Succession Planning Options Some technical alternatives for succession plans  
CEO-Succession How to Lower the Risk in CEO Succession  
Checking the Exits Do you look around at your senior managers and wonder how many will still be with you in five years? Are you concerned that so many retirement-eligible employees will leave that some departments will be left barely functioning? If so, itís time to get answers and make plans. pdf-file  
Choose Tomorrow's Leaders Today Succession planning grooms firms for success. Application: Study identifies best practices among large firms.  
Choosing the Best Next CEO - Succession should be a process, not a horse race With so much at stake for different stakeholders, politics and emotions can come into play and derail a CEO succession effort. Thatís why a wellplanned and executed process is essential for making the transition from one CEO to the next with positive outcomes for all concerned. pdf-file  
Cultural Shifts in Company Successions Leadership successions raise a variety of financial, operational, and strategic challenges that underscore the need for careful succession planning. The cultural dimensions of enterprise successions are equally challenging.   
Family Business Succession "Someday This will all be Yours" Requires a Plan.   
Family business succession planning Small Business: CPAs Can Help  
Groom or Recruit? When the time comes to find your company's next CIO, you've got two options: promote from within, or go out and find fresh blood. Both have their upsides, but also their traps. Knowing when to pursue which approach can make all the difference. 2004  
How to Lower the Risk in CEO Succession Despite the inherent risks, CEOs and directors can improve the chances that the next CEO will succeed. A few simple guidelines can go a long way toward ensuring a good choice and a smooth leadership transition  
Insights about the Leadership Transition Process During the past seven years serving as the Interim Chief Executive for a wide variety of nonprofits (seven in all), Iíve frequently been asked to describe what itís like for an organization to transition to a new leader. Below you will find a brief summary of some key insights I have developed in the course of my experiences. pdf  
Managerial succession and firm performance We examine CEO turnover and firm financial performance. Accounting measures of performance relative to other firms deteriorate prior to CEO turnover and improve thereafter.  new
Managing the dynamics of CEO succession This article, which appeared in EuropeanCEO, provides practical advice on how to deal with the critical issue of CEO succession.   
Planning for Ownership Succession The succession planning process  
Successful Succession Planning Thinking About Tomorrow Today - Private Equity Viewpoint  
Succession Planning and Management    
Succession Planning Requires an Objective Value    
Succession Planning: Often Requested, Rarely Delivered Surprisingly, many organizations lack a proper succession plan. One reason is that they do not have an effective succession planning process. This author draws a detailed and comprehensive road map that every organization should use. Pdf-file 123 KB. 2005  
Succession Planning: Why CIOs Need It, And How To Do It With the unemployment rate for college graduates in the U.S. hovering near 2%, demand for skilled IT professionals remains high. That in turn will make the need for identifying and developing the next generation of managers critical. To close this leadership gap, more CIOs are actively working to prepare their IT staff for future roles at the top. 2007  
The Strategy of Succession Planning The concept of succession planning has become an important part of many companiesí strategic planning but not in all companies. This article discusses the strategic aspects of succession planning.  
The Succession Crisis Nearly half of all family businesses will change hands in the near future. Is yours prepared? (Most don't have a clue.)  
Tuning up Your Succession Management Machine - Part 1 Does your machine produce valuable transformations or worthless transactions?  
Tuning up Your Succession Management Machine - Part 2 The seven critical "levers" that can drive success.  



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Strategic Leadership
Part 1: Applying Lessons Learned from Research about Strategic Leadership Development

Robert M. Fulmer, PhD, and Jared L. Bleak, EdD
Leadership has never been an easy proposition. Throughout history observers have wondered if there were enough capable leaders to manage the challenges facing all types of organizations. Today, business and governmental organizations face something of a "perfect storm" of problems that have profound implications for current and future leaders.

Put success into succession planning
By Bryan Hattingh    
Succession planning, as it is constituted today, is a hotly debated but generally ignored practice in corporations and businesses.   Most managers fail to think about succession planning until it needs to be implemented. Suddenly there is a void at the top and nobody has been primed to fill it.   Few events have such an impact on a company as the departure of key leaders, in particular the CEO. How that exit is managed not only has lasting impact on the organisation, but it can affect external perceptions of the departing incumbent's effectiveness and delivery.

The Art of Succession Planning 
by Paul Shearstone  
Succession planning, like any business acumen, is both an art and a science. That is to say, there are many proven strategies that can and must be followed so that successful transition can occur.  
Too often organizations address the succession challenge through the rearview mirror. They wait for someone to step down or even worse, be removed. Then and only then do they entertain thoughts of who or what should happen next?  
One of the reasons little forethought is given to succession is evident in the fact that it rarely shows up in corporate business plans. Companies are quite diligent in forecasting-out 3, 5 and even 10-years but most of what they plan has more to do with finance, P&L, product evolution and little or no emphasis on who or how future leaders will captain the corporate ship.  



With rising CEO turnover, companies are increasingly looking outside for qualified candidates. Sure, externally recruited CEOs bring fresh perspectives and connections. But they lack the in-depth knowledge of the company s culture and history that they need to succeed. Companies can avoid this scenario, contends Joseph Bower in The CEO Within. Drawing on a decade s research (and experience managing the succession process, Bower explains how companies can develop a cohort of internal candidates one of whom may be suited to the increasingly demanding CEO role.

In this book you'll find: Talent Management checklists, frequently asked questions, charts, slide presentation ideas, and a project planning template, talent review meeting facilitation tips, and potential answers to the challenging questions you are likely to receive from business leaders.



This book is probably one of the most thorough books on the topic, incorporating methodical and meticulous guidelines to preparing for and quickly filling crucial vacancies at all levels of the organization. Not only does it lay out a plan for instituting a long-term succession planning program that includes everything from early action steps to ongoing evaluation and revision, it also shows how to develop, monitor, and evaluate talent and skills in individual employees in order to promote effectively from within



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