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Management - Business Transformation

Transformational Change and Change Management This chapter is the first of three theoretical chapters of the study and focuses on the nature of transformational change as a phenomenon, as well as in the context of the current research question. Transformational change differs from change and transition in terms of the demands on organisational stakeholders and the impact on the core values of an organisation. Postmodern perspectives (specifically chaos theory and complexity science) on organisational transformation and transformational leadership form the most prominent component of this chapter. Key dimensions from these emerging approaches are explored in order to form a conceptual framework to be considered by transformational leaders when dealing with the implementation of the EEA. Anderson and Ackerman Anderson (2001:174) confirm the appropriateness of this approach with the statement that transformation is a “ ... thinking discipline and not a process that depends on a cookbook approach”. Finally the centrality of communication during transformation is highlighted throughout this chapter. Thus possible implications of the chaos perspective vocabulary for the formulation of a corporate transformational and corporate communication strategy are explored.







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