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28 April 2009

1to1 Glossary Provided by the marketing Gurus Don Peppers and Martha Rogers  
Culture and CRM What Role Does Culture Play in CRM?  
Daily News CRM real-time news service  
The Eight Building Blocks of CRM CRM initiatives need a framework to ensure that programs are approached on a strategic, balanced and integrated basis. We introduce such a framework to help enterprises implement “true” CRM and maximize benefits. Pdf-file  
What is CRM provides its own definition along with 12 definitions of contributors  
Implementing CRM
Approach to overcome existing limitations for CRM-Implementation The following research report presents the results of studies on CRM solutions and proposes a new approach to overcome identified limitations of CRM implementations. Derived from the identified research gap regarding failures of CRM a market study was carried out among CRM software producers and vendors.   
Business Case Driven CRM implementations: A Recipe for Success CRM implementation failures are often attributed to faults in the business case and more specifically in the business case not being realized. Experiences across CRM implementations, suggest that the fault lies in the extent to which the business case is used to drive the downstream implementation.   
Organizing for CRM According to recent surveys, more than half of all companies investing in CRM programs consider them to be a disappointment. Our experience has shown that to overcome organizational roadblocks (the core of the problem), companies should establish a structure that mimics a market in which constituencies take on the role of "sender" (delivering the solution) and "receiver" (implementing it). pdf-file 2.9 MB, 2004  
The Goldilocks Syndrome Organizations completing three rollouts are so common that we call the experience the Goldilocks Syndrome, taking our cue from the children's story, Goldilocks and the Three Bears: The first time the system was too big, the second time too small, and finally the third time is just right. 2004  

A Shocking, but True, View of CRM The current state of CRM today is abysmal. It looks a little like the days of ERP. Pdf-file  
Achieving Success in Customer Relationship Management through the ASP Model As trade barriers fall and technology facilitates 24 X 7 operations, companies face a proliferation of competition and eroding margins. For many companies, that creates a hectic business environment -- unprepared sales reps and improperly managed sales cycles; back-of-envelope sales forecasts; inefficient customer service; and ineffective marketing campaigns. pdf file  
Building Profitable Customer Relationships with Data-Mining This white paper will describe the various aspects of ananlytic CRM and show how it is used to manage the customer life cycle more cost-efficiently. Pdf-file  
Companies are from Mars, Customers are from Venus Despite all the money and effort poured into them, customer-relationship-management systems often misunderstand or even ignore the customer and do more harm than good—as these three cautionary tales show. 2002  
Creating Customer Loyalty The Customer Loyalty Grid™   
Despite failed implementations, CRM is making a comeback CRM’s fine reputation has fallen considerably from when it seemed the magic solution to all customer relationship problems. Like any tool, however, the value of CRM depends on how you use it. Strategic intent is key. 2007.   
Measuring Customer Relationships - What gets measured really does get managed Sophisticated as they may be, investments in CRM technologies and processes may never produce the desired return on investment until companies have measurements and plans. Pdf-file 542 KB. 2003  
Organizing for CRM  According to recent surveys, more than half of all companies investing in CRM programs consider them to be a disappointment. McKinsey's experience has shown that to overcome organizational roadblocks (the core of the problem), companies should establish a structure that mimics a market in which constituencies take on the role of "sender" (delivering the solution) and "receiver" (implementing it). pdf-file 2004  
Relationship demarketing: Managing wasteful or worthless customer relationships Believe it or not, the “customer from hell” does exist. Showing that customer the door, as this article describes, will make managers’ breathe easier and allow them to focus on the customers that really matter.  
Seeing the Whole Elephant It's time companies understand what customers are really worth. by Mohanbir Sawhney   
The Truth about CRM It's expensive, hard to implement, time consuming and it may not work. It's time to forget the hype and take a hard look at the reality of CRM. How CIOs are rethinking their CRM investments.  
Trends and Directions in CRM Results of research conducted August 2001 by and   
Unlock the Hidden Value in your CRM Investments Capturing value from investment in CRM technologies has eluded many companies in the last few years. In this article we highlight an approach to capturing value that focuses on the highest impact levers, redesigns key processes, leverages existing technology, and motivates organizations to adopt a new customer approach. pdf-file  
Winning customer loyalty is the key to a winning CRM strategy Form follows function, and the one practice that illustrates this truism best of all, perhaps, is customer relationship management. For example, when choosing a CRM technology, realign your organization and processes to fit your customer strategy, and then choose the appropriate technology. pdf-file 513 KB  
How to Choose CRM Software Don't let vendor hype or the CFO's golf buddy drive your CRM decision. You need a plan based on business requirements.   




Managing Customer Relationships : A Strategic Framework
by Don Peppers, Martha Rogers
Presenting a comprehensive framework for customer relationship management, Managing Customer Relationships provides CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, CMOs, privacy officers , human resources managers, marketing executives, sales teams, distribution managers, professors, and students with a logical overview of the background, the methodology, and the particulars of managing customer relationships for competitive advantage. Here, renowned customer relationship management pioneers Peppers and Rogers incorporate many of the principles of individualized customer relationships that they are best known for, including a complete overview of the background and history of the subject, relationship theory, IDIC (Identify-Differentiate-Interact-Customize) methodology, metrics, data management, customer management, company organization, channel issues, and the store of the future.




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