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28 April 2009
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A Primer on Behavioral Marketing This paper is the first in a series examining the concept of behavioral marketing. In this Primer on Behavioral Marketing, we explain what defines behavioral marketing, how it is different from traditional marketing, why it works and how to begin adapting behavioral marketing into your company’s online presence. pdf-file   
A Summary of “Crossing the Chasm” This paper summarizes key points from the book by Geoffrey A. Moore. pdf  
Accelerating Past the Chasm: Marketing, Adoption, and Discontinuity This writing looks back to the time when Chasm marketing was new and discusses what it tells us today  
Ambush Marketing: What it is, what it isn't Looking at the football World Cup one cannot fail to be aware of ambush or guerilla marketing. With a large number of brands undertaking effective football-related promotional activity, the question needs to be asked whether there is any real value in being an official sponsor of such an event.  
Can good marketing carry a bad product? Evidence from the motion picture industry We examine the relative roles of marketing actions and product quality in determining commercial success. Using the motion picture context, in which product quality is difficult for consumers to anticipate and information on product success is available for different points in time, we model the effects of studio actions and movie quality on a movie’s sales during different phases of its theatrical run. pdf. 2006  
Chasm Marketing: The Revised Technology Adoption Life Cycle Moore says that attitudes toward the adoption of new technology become significant, from a marketer's standpoint, any time users are introduced to products that require them to change behavior or modify other products and services they rely upon. Products causing this pattern are referred to as discontinuous innovations. A basic marketing model was created based on discontinuous innovations, relating to psychographic buying habits, forming a bell curve with divisions roughly equivalent to where standard deviations would fall.  
I am a Marketing Person - Not a Miracle Worker Whether you are working on a competitive analysis, datasheet, or complete roll-out for a new product, this job is a hundred times harder if the product was not designed with the market in mind.  
Local Impact Marketing Local impact marketing is a grass-roots, "experiential" technique that uses localized tactics to tap into customers' senses and create a more personal, longer-lasting brand experience. It's no longer just for cash-strapped start-ups--it's the fastest growing discipline in business. pdf 2009  
Marketing Leadership When Times Get Tough, Marketing Leadership Starts At The Top: Ray Trapp, Winter 1999  
Mixed Up Over Identities This article reports the findings of a literature-based study that sought to clarify the  imensions of an organization’s identity, or what is sometimes known as, “The corporate identity mix”. Pdf-file 518 KB. 2002  
Niche marketing What Business Are You Really In? The Art of Niche Marketing: Susan Carter, Spring 2000  
Not Just Effective but Efficient A New Blueprint for Marketing in an Era of Fragmented Media. Experts from Booz Allen offer their recommendations on how to ease the transition to more efficient and effective marketing.  
Personalization A guide to Personalization 101, brought to you by three companies that are doing it right.   
Precision Marketing: Five Ways to Make Better Marketing Decisions Once at the mercy of marketers, customers have developed coping mechanisms to combat the torrent of information and messages that come their way. Companies need to move past traditional approaches to get their attention. Here are five principles that can help you better focus your marketing investment decisions in challenging world of new technologies and delivery channels. pdf 2008  
Product Conception This article describes a product planning system that works well for most companies  
Product Marketing Defined The breadth and depth of the product marketing role  
Success Factors of Place Marketing A Study of Place Marketing Practices in Northern Europe and the United States. Doctoral dissertation. 2003. Pdf-version available for download  
The Antecedents of Sales-Marketing Collaboration: An Empirical Investigation The successful marketing of fast moving consumer goods (fmcg) demands coordinated and collaborative relations between sales and marketing departments. However, while a large number of empirical studies have focused on marketing’s relations with other functional groups, the sales and marketing interface remains unexplored. pdf-file 153 KB. 2004  
The new dominant logic of marketing: Views of the elephant This paper suggests that the type of product only moderates marketing. Other developments, such as increasing choice and complexity, are also influencing marketing practice. So is the pressure for accountability. Pdf-file. 2004  
Top ten marketing tips Article by Martin Payne of Through the Loop, Spring 1999  
Your Company's Identity Crisis  Consider these three hypothetical business communications challenges involving a company's identity. Unless carefully addressed, they clearly will send the chief communications executive right around the bend.  
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Database Marketing How it works  
Database Marketing Tools A database-management-system, Querying-tools, Tools for interaction with the data ( forms, reports), Presentation-tool  
Definitions Basic definitions for Advertising, Marketing, Promotion, Public Relations and Publicity, and Sales  
Geo-Marketing Definition and overviews  
Glossary of marketing terms  
Internet Marketing Dictionary    
Occupation Outlook Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations Managers  



Marketing Management
by Philip Kotler
Kotlers world-wide best seller is one of the classic marketing books that are essential for the understanding of marketing - a must-have!

Marketing Moves: A New Approach to Profits, Growth & Renewal 
by Philip Kotler, Suvit Maesincee, Dipak C. Jain
The Internet, globalization, and hypercompetition are dramatically reshaping markets and changing the way business is done. The problem, says internationally renowned marketer Philip Kotler and his coauthors Dipak C. Jain and Suvit Maesincee, is that marketing has not kept pace with the markets. In today's world, customers are scarce-not products-and classic marketing needs to be deconstructed, redefined, and broadened to reflect this new reality.
Marketing Moves describes the next transformational imperative for marketing-and for any organization competing in our customer-ruled, technology-driven marketplace. It calls for a fundamental rethinking of corporate strategy to enable the ongoing creation and delivery of superior value for customers in both the marketplace and the marketspace. And it appoints marketing as the lead driver in shaping and implementing this new strategy.



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