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12 December 2007
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A Technical Response to Online Marketing Research Issues This paper examines methodological issues concerning electronic marketing research in consumer and business markets raised elsewhere, and provides a response to the issues involved.  
Another Error Measure for Selection of the Best Forecasting Method: The Unbiased Absolute Percentage Error. Pdf-file  
Are your surveys worth your customers' time? If you don't want your surveys ignored, keep them short and take action on what customers tell you.   
Basics of Survey Research A brief introduction to the fundamentals of survey research, why and how it works and a description of the key techniques  
Beyond Accuracy: Comparison of Criteria Used to Select Forecasting Methods. Pdf-File  
CAQDAS: a supplementary tool for qualitative market research The aims of the paper are twofold: to assess the usage of Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis (CAQDAS) in the UK market research industry; and to evaluate the use of CAQDAS as a supplement to paper-coding in market research.  
Choosing Market Research Techniques One page chart, lists several techniques that fit particular stages of the decision process and particular research objectives, including their plusses and minuses  
Conjoint Analysis  Introduction to Conjoint Analysis - a brief description of conjoint analysis, what it is and how it can help you understand what your customers will really buy  
Data Mining Marketing secrets from the financial sector show how data mining charts a profitable course to customer management.   
Discovery and Communication of Important Marketing Findings:  Evidence and Proposals. Pdf-file. 2002  
Eleven Multivariate Analysis Techniques Key Tools In Your Marketing Research Survival Kit. The purpose of this white paper is to provide an executive understanding of 11 multivariate analysis techniques, resulting in an understanding of the appropriate uses for each of the techniques.   
Flops Famous and unknown flops in forecasting  
Forecasting for Marketing This article reviews studies that have tested alternative methods of forecating in order to provide guidelines for forecasting for marketing. Pdf-file  
How Market Research Works In this article, you will have the opportunity to learn about the market research process from both a business perspective and a consumer perspective.   
How Social-Cause Marketing Affects Consumer Perceptions A market research technique called conjoint analysis can help managers predict what kind of affinity marketing program is likely to offer the best return on investment for their brand. pdf-file. 2006  
Integrating Quantitative and Qualitative Methods in Social Marketing Research    
International Marketing Research Conducting International Marketing Research in the 21st Century  
International marketing research: A global project management perspective As companies contemplate the global marketplace, they must consider how domestic market research differs when conducted in international markets.   
Introduction to Conjoint Analysis Conjoint Analysis is concerned with understanding how people make choices between products or services or a combination of product and service, so that businesses can design new products or services that better meet customersí underlying needs.. rtf format 86K  
Market Research in the wider world The role of market research outside its traditional heartland  
Marketing research, market orientation and customer relationship management: A framework and implications for service providers. The article promises to help service providers address the challenge of generating and using market research data to develop a market orientation and a corresponding CRM program.  
Methodological issues in cross-cultural marketing research A state-of-the-art review. Despite its burgeoning growth in recent years, further expansion and development of cross-cultural marketing research is being hampered by methodological problems. This paper is an attempt to address this need.   
Next-Generation Research: Leveraging Experience from Previous Projects  By harnessing their collective learning and cross-project experience, organizations can greatly improve their decision-making and significantly reduce costs associated with market research, writes Colin Gounden, a senior partner at Monitor Group and CEO of Monitor's Grail Research unit. In an article in Sales & Marketing Management Magazine, Gounden describes four activities research teams should undertake between projects relating to research methods, instruments, insights and presentation, to create ongoing opportunities to learn from their collective experiences. pdf  
One to One Research in Business Markets A new approach to market research that gets your staff involved with customers to give you an individual customer by customer view plus the big picture. Rtf-file. 670 KB  
Projective techniques in market research: valueless subjectivity or insightful reality? A look at the evidence for the usefulness, reliability and validity of projective techniques in market research. Projective techniques are often used in market research to help uncover findings in areas where those researched are thought to be reluctant or unable to expose their thoughts and feelings via more straightforward questioning techniques.   
Research in the Social Marketing Process    
Research Sampling This white paper considers sampling practice and the control of extraneous sampling threats that are necessary to secure value and reliable market research results. pdf-file  
The market research function within an organization Book chapter. The paper starts with a description of the basic function of the market research department and continues with an explanation of the new focus of this function.  
Top 10 Tools to Measure User Experience The one fundamental truth vital to web product development success is to know the mind of the user. Why?
Because there is a direct correlation between techniques used to measure an online customerís experience and the ability to persuade him or her to act.
Using Total Quality Tools for Marketing Research A Qualitative Approach for Collecting, Organizing, and Analyzing Verbal Response Data. This paper introduces several tools that are useful in the planning of marketing research, as well as in the collection, organization, and analysis of qualitative marketing research data.   
Why Smart Managers Ignore Marketing Research Speech Transcript. Dave Swaddling's featured address at the 2002 Annual Conference & Symposium of the Marketing Research Association.  


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Sense and Nonsense of Early Indicators
By Dagmar Recklies
Early indicators are very popular in the business world. People normally like them because they see a lot of advantages. However, I am reluctant to rely on early indicators too much. There are some problems that are not easily solved. After a discussion of the advantages and problems in the use of early indicators for business decisions I propose a system for practical use in businesses.


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