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Alliances and Ethics in Social Marketing Social marketers must seek the help of other organizations and individuals to achieve their objectives. They need others to build and staff health centers, design and place advertisements, carry out field research, and so on.  
Barriers In The Adoption Of A Market Orientation By Locally Based Non-Profit Organisations This study contributes to our knowledge by identifying what managers of small locally based NPOs perceive as the main barriers to the adoption of a market orientation. Pdf-file 2005  
Building Social Marketing Into Your Program The following ten tips are designed to help those new to the field to understand the basic principles of social marketing, with practical suggestions on how to implement these concepts in any type of program.  
Confronting The Challenges In Social Marketing Theory And Practice This paper explores the renewed arguments from the academy about the definition and domain of social marketing. In particular, the authors examine the way in which definitional issues surrounding ‘social marketing’ create challenges and barriers to social marketing practice. pdf-file 2005  
Corporate Sponsorship Corporate Sponsorship of Philanthropic Activities: When Do They Impact Perception of Sponsor Brand? Pdf-file  
Getting Your Message Out Through the Media While many consider the media a fearsome adversary, it can be a powerful ally if approached strategically. Carefully considering your answers to the following questions will help you build a strategy for working with media professionals to get your message out to the people you want to reach.  
How Social-Cause Marketing Affects Consumer Perceptions A market research technique called conjoint analysis can help managers predict what kind of affinity marketing program is likely to offer the best return on investment for their brand. pdf-file. 2006  
Intersector Transfer of Marketing Knowledge Concepts and tools from the commercial sector have the potential to profoundly affect research and practice in the nonprofit sector. This chapter traces the history of the broadening of marketing from its traditional economic domain.   
MOA-Framework (Motivation, Opportunity and Ability) A new social marketing model: Testing and application of the MOA Framework. Pdf-file   
Positioning social marketing as a planning process for health education While social marketing is flourishing, there appears to be confusion regarding what it is, what it can reasonably do, and how it should be applied to health education. The purpose of this paper is to position social marketing as a systematic planning process similar to those used in health education. 2003  
Promoting Sustainable Behavior An Introduction to Community-Based Social Marketing. 2000  
Public Awareness Programs A Social Marketing Framework for the Development of Effective Public Awareness Programs. Pdf-file  
Restricted Exchange Motivators in Social Marketing: A comparison of gender differences in importance rating and influences of advertised restricted exchange benefits in regard to interest in military enlistment. pdf-file  
Social Marketing Introduction - What is social marketing?  
Social Marketing A Short Course in Social Marketing: Introduction, the 'products' of social marketing, elements  
Social Marketing  Origin, focus, concepts etc.  
Social Marketing - A Synopsis by the Centre for Social Marketing    
Social Marketing Applications and Transportation Demand Management: An Information Instrument for the 21st Century This article explores private transport behavior in understanding how users can be persuaded to adopt a more blended approach (i.e., integrating car, public transportation, and alternative modes on a daily basis). Pdf-file  
Social Marketing Fact Sheet Focus on green marketing. Pdf-file  
Social Marketing in Public Health Social marketing, the use of marketing to design and implement programs to promote socially beneficial behavior change, has grown in popularity and usage within the public health community. Despite this growth, the field remains poorly understood by many public health professionals. pdf-file 2004  
Social Marketing Theory What it is, critique, list of references  
Social Marketing: Panacea, Placebo, or Poison? Starts with some general slides on marketing. Pdf-file  
Strategic Questions for Consumer-Based Health Communications Using the consumer-oriented approach of social and commercial marketers, this article presents a process for crafting messages designed to improve people’s health behaviors.  
The Challenge of Social Marketing Can Public Health Promotional Efforts Compete in the Market? Pdf-file 2003  
The Seven Doors Social Marketing Approach The "Seven Doors" social marketing approach was developed by Les Robinson, a former campaign director and now consultant for Social Change Media. This paper was originally presented by Les to the Waste Educate 98 Conference.  
Theory at a Glance: A Guide for Health Promotion Practice This monograph presents ideas that can be used as tools for problem solving in the field of health promotion.  
Using Market Segmentation Theory To Select Target Markets For Sun Protection Campaigns This paper describes the initial steps in target market segmentation and evaluation as part of an industry-linked research project to develop a social marketing program for sun protection.  




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