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Marketing As Strategy: Understanding the CEO's Agenda for Driving Growth and Innovation

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A Comparison of Toyota and Honda Hybrid Vehicle Marketing Strategy This paper from 2004 gives an excellent description of Toyotas and Hondas strategies for marketing their hybrid cars. Pdf  
Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan for Horticultural Firms A strategic marketing plan takes into account the market environment facing the business (e.g. trends, competitive environment, regulatory issues, technological advancements, etc.) Thus, the emphasis is not only on projections but also on an in-depth understanding of the market environment, particularly competitors and customers.  
Marketing Strategies for the growing business This publication is devoted to the idea that your marketing results can be improved through a better understanding of your customers. This approach usually is referred to as the marketing concept.  
Niche Marketing Revisited: Concept, Applications and Some European Cases Niche marketing is an approach which has been applied successfully by several companies around the world. This article will attempt to bring together both the practical and conceptual aspects of niche marketing leading to a set of guidelines which may be used as a deliberate marketing strategy.   
Overview on marketing strategies - what it should include, checklist  
Sales and marketing strategy: why better integration makes sense for business Managers often need reminding that the bottom line may be the end-all of business activity, but that the top line literally comes first. Unless somebody, somewhere makes the vital decision to purchase from you, there is no profit - only expense.   
Scope of strategic marketing Marketing is strategically concerned with the direction and scope of the long-term activities performed by the organization to obtain a competitive advantage. Book chapter. Pdf-file  
Service Marketing and Management: Capacity as a Strategic Marketing Variable This chapter is devoted to the topic of marketing of services with capacity constraints. The authors argue that both service quality and service strategy are integrally related to capacity decisions.   
Society Versus Business Organization: The Strategic Role of Marketing This paper is intended to discuss the role of business organization within society, contributing to the theoretical and managerial understanding of this matter. Concepts of strategic marketing and societal marketing are presented and comparatively analysed.  
Strategic Marketing and the Resource Based View of the Firm The resource-based view of the firm (RBV) is one of the latest strategic management concepts to be enthusiastically embraced by marketing scholars. This paper argues that the RBV holds much promise as a framework for understanding strategic marketing issues but cautions that, before it is adopted, it needs to be fully understood. pdf  
Strategic marketing in global supply chains: Four challenges  Superior supply chain management can facilitate marketing strategy and lead to the creation of superior customer value, satisfaction, and loyalty, which in turn lead to improved product profit margins, overall firm profitability, and overall corporate growth. However, marketing strategy is problematic in global supply chains.  
Strategic Marketing Planning and Positioning in Voluntary Non-Profit Organizations: Empirical Findings and Implications for British Charitable Organizations. This paper presents the results of an exploratory study, which examines the extent of strategic marketing planning and positioning in voluntary non-profit organizations (VNPOs) in the UK.   
Strategic Marketing Process This is a site from Leading Edge Consultancy which describes how they can help in strategic marketing. Nevertheless, the flowchart is a good description of the strategic marketing process  
Strategic Marketing: Your Untapped Source of Competitive Advantage Customers say that the relative performance of technology products is no longer different or compelling enough to drive their purchase decisions. Marketers need to respond with a strategy that Sales can use to fight increasingly competitive battles.  
The 'Marketing Scenario'  The 'Marketing Scenario' is a practical tool designed to help you make sure that you have a winning marketing strategy to support your brand.  
Tinkering with the Go-to-Market(ing) Model You know the drill: Implement a marketing strategy that is in line with your company's broader go-to-market model but flexible enough to adapt to changing business conditions. As your go-to-market model shifts to focus on products, channels or customers so must the strategic role of marketing.   


International Marketing Strategy
Build Your International Marketing Strategy An online step-by-step guide. Step 1 Review General Cultural Marketing Plan. Step 2 Find Your Multicultural And Cross-Cultural Marketing Mix. Step 3 Develop A Marketing Plan For International Sales. Step 4 Create Marketing To Stimulate International Connections  
Global Marketing Strategy A Broad Conceptualization of Global Marketing Strategy and Its Effect on Firm Performance. 2002  
International Marketing Strategy - Analysis, Development and Implementation Table of content, preface and Chapter 1 of this book by Isobel Doole and Robin Lowe. Chapter 1 focuses on the international marketing environment.   
Strategies for Entering and Developing International Markets This chapter is from the book 'Mirage of Global Markets, The: How Globalizing Companies Can Succeed as Markets Localize'. David Arnold examines modes of market entry, marketing entry strategies, and how international marketing strategy should evolve over time.   


Publications   Literature
Positioning as a Strategic Marketing Decision
by Dagmar Recklies
This article discusses the relevance of positioning for marketing planning. First, it describes, how positioning relates to segmentation and targeting. Than it explains what to keep in mind when planning positioning.
  Strategic Marketing
by David W. Cravens, Nigel Piercy
Strategic Marketing 8/e by Cravens and Piercy is a text and casebook that discusses the concepts and processes for gaining the competitive advantage in the marketplace. The authors examine many components of a market-driven strategy, including technology, customer service, customer relationships, pricing, and the global economy.

Strategic Marketing Management, Third Edition : planning, implementation and control
by Richard M. S. Wilson, Colin Gilligan
This classic textbook provides comprehensive coverage of the five strategic stages: Strategic and marketing analysis, Strategic direction and strategy formulation, Strategic choice, Strategic evaluation and Strategic implementation and control.

Marketing As Strategy: Understanding the CEO's Agenda for Driving Growth and Innovation
by Nirmalya Kumar
Kumar outlines seven strategy-focused, cross-functional, and bottom-line oriented initiatives that can put marketing back on the CEO's agenda-;and elevate its role in shaping the destiny of the firm.




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