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Marketing -Webmarketing I - Marketing on the Web's webmarketing-section is split up into Marketing on the Web and Marketing your Website. However, there is no really clear distinction between those two topics, hence, we encourage you to have a look at both.
In this section you find information about how to use the Internet to market any business, i.e. using the Internet as a means for advertising, CRM, public relations etc.



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An evaluation of email marketing and factors affecting response pdf-file. 2003  
At Your Service, Virtually Six Rules For Keeping Online Customers Happy. 2004  
Click-through Banner Advertising: A Technical Review This paper explores the use of click-throughs in the commercial setting as a strategic component of integrated marketing communication. The obstacles to effective and efficient commercial use of click-through data are also examined.  
Email Marketing: Permission to Pester Our paper reviews the email marketing literature, and compares email marketing to other forms of direct and Internet marketing, identifying its key advantages. This study extends research in this area by exploring consumer attitudes to a permission marketing email campaign and identifying success factors. pdf-file  
E-Mail Marketing: Speak the Language of Your Audience How to speak to your audience in a relevant and compelling manner  
Free Shipping and Repeat Buying on the Internet Free shipping is widely regarded as the most effective marketing tool in e-tailing. We model a rational, cost-minimizing shopper who responds to prices and shipping policies set by the e-tailer. A base scenario compares the optimal shopping policy under free and fixed fee shipping. pdf-file 2005  
From Chaos to Constellation: Creating Better Brand Alignment on the Web Itís easy for an organization to put up a few Web sites. Itís quite another feat, as Eliot Phillips makes clear, to ensure that they are brand-building, coherent, compelling, up-to-date, and easy to use. He offers a framework, criteria, and design options for building an effective multi-site Web presence, and amplifies critical issues with an in-depth case study. pdf-file. 2003 TOP
ICC Guidelines on Advertising and Marketing on the Internet    
Internet and B-to-B Marketing The Adoption of the Internet for B-to-B International Marketing: A Theoretical Model. Pdf-file 163 KB. May 2002  
Online Advertising Tactics: Trends, Stats and Best Practices for Using Banners, Rich Media, Search, Sponsorships, E-Mail, Classifieds and More. Pdf-file July 2003  
Perceptions of E-commerce Web Sites across Two Generations Numerous studies have examined and predicted the usage of e-commerce Web sites using the Technology Acceptance Model and its primary constructs of perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use. This is the only study we know of that compares two generations and their perceptions of e-commerce Web sites.   
Post Impressions: Internet Advertising without Click-Through This research compared the factors affecting the click-through and post impression rates of internet banner advertising. Doc-file. 2004  
Return on Content Opportunities for Business Media in the Electronic Information Market. Pdf-file 2003  
Return Path Third Annual Holiday Email Consumer Survey Email Remains Integral for Ecommerce, Yet Consumersí Active Management of their Inboxes Deepens Challenge for Marketers.   
Scoring Web Wins Buying advertising on the Web may seem like pouring money into a black hole. And finding the best methods and strategies for measuring success is a challenge. First you need to collect meaningful data that can serve as the basis of an ROI equation.  
The Brave New World of E-Marketing - Making it Work as an Integrated Part of Your Business  Critical to the success of any e-marketing program is the thinking that has gone on before its implementation. Ensure your e-marketing efforts have met the needs of your employees and customers with this quick checklist of do's and don'ts.   
The Changing Landscape of Marketing Online Book excerpt: Web analytics - foundation issues and more specific information  
The Influence of Critical Success Factors on International Internet Marketing This study identified twenty-one critical success factors applicable to most of the B2B IIM. These factors were classified into five categories: Marketing Strategy, Web Sites, Global, Internal and External Related Factors. The significance, importance and implications for each category are discussed and then recommendations are made. pdf-file 211 KB. January 2002  
The Web Motivation Inventory Replication, extension and application to internet advertising. The Web Motivation Inventory (WMI) is used in internet advertising research, and is frequently used and cited in advertising, marketing and communication literature.   
Using Social Media to Grow Your Business Businesses can best benefit from social media by having a good overall strategy and knowing how to listen, participate, and measure results.   
Visual attention to Online Search Engine Results An exploration into differences in eye movements between consumers searching for product information and consumers searching for product transactions using Google, MSN (now Windows Live Search), Ilse, Kobala, and Lycos.  

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