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Beyond the Mass Mailing - Next-Generation Campaign Management in an Era of Saturated Markets In an average city on an average day, the average citizen runs into some 5,000 marketing messages.
The volume is astonishing—and daunting. With each and every consumer taking in five messages per minute—from traditional marketing channels as well as from the Internet, iPods, and mobile phones—it has never been more difficult for direct marketers to keep in touch with their existing loyal customers.
Simply put, today’s customers are harder to get, retain, and win back. And the task is not getting any easier: Markets are regularly becoming more competitive, growth curves are flattening, and it has never been more important for businesses to find new ways to make the best use of their existing customer portfolio for further growth. But in the middle of this critical challenge, the skills and science of direct marketing seem to be trapped in the 20th century. Abstract, pdf-file available for download. 2008






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