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Top Five Metrics for Revenue Generation Marketers It’s an old cliché but true: you manage what you measure. One implication is that when a business changes, measures should change as well. Few businesses have ever changed as rapidly as B2B marketing is changing right now. So it’s no wonder that many B2B marketers are asking themselves what they should measure and not finding a clear answer.

The changes in what’s being managed require corresponding adjustments in what’s being measured. The biggest change is the span of engagement: because marketers are now staying involved until the initial purchase and beyond, they need to measure the revenue, not just how many leads they turn over to sales. This longer span is matched by a broader scope: marketers must measure programs in more channels, understanding not just immediate response but the impact on final results. Taming the flood of information created by more activities over a longer period requires marketing measures that are easier to understand and point to actionable recommendations.

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