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Marketing Strategy & Strategic Marketing 


Marketing Strategies for the growing business This publication is devoted to the idea that your marketing results can be improved through a better understanding of your customers. This approach usually is referred to as the marketing concept.
Any marketing program has a better chance of being productive if it is timed, designed and written to solve a problem for potential customers and is carried out in a way that the customer understands and trusts. The pages that follow will present the marketing concept of putting the customer first. Marketing is a very complex subject; it deals with all the steps between determining customer needs and supplying them at a profit. In addition to some introductory material on marketing, this publication includes practical material on the marketing approaches to budgeting, layout design, headline writing, copywriting and media analysis. You have to spend money on marketing; the purpose of this publication is to help you get the most for your money, or the most bang for the buck. pdf






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