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Viral Marketing 


Evolving Viral Marketing Strategies One method of viral marketing involves seeding certain consumers within a population to encourage faster adoption of the product throughout the entire population. However, determining how many and which consumers within a particular social network should be seeded to maximize adoption is challenging. We de ne a strategy space for consumer seeding by weighting a combination of network characteristics such as average path length, clustering coe cient, and degree. We measure strategy e ectiveness by simulating adoption  on a Bass-like agent-based model, with  ve di erent social network structures: four classic theoretical models (random, lattice, small-world, and preferential attachment) and one empirical (extracted from Twitter friendship data). To discover good seeding strategies, we have developed a new tool, called BehaviorSearch, which uses genetic algorithms to search through the parameter-space of agent-based models. This evolutionary search also provides insight into the interaction between strategies and network structure. pdf 2010






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